Zodiac Signs - General Do's and Don'ts to be Lucky

September 01, 2014

Adhering to the general rules for each sign will improve one's luck in general, while on the other hand if the the person does the opposite of these basic guidelines, there luck will decrease. Zodiac-wise recommendations for each Moon sign:

Aries: Arians must never disrespect women in general. They should always respect elder sister, their friends, & women otherwise they will go through some problems in their personal lives. They should not eat too much of red chillies either. Since Arians' strong point is their abundance of energy, being disrescpectful to the afore-mentioned will cause the positive energy to decrease. With this decrease in energy, they won't be able to get rid of the negative vibrations coming their way and thereby cause them to go through some troubled times.

Taurus: Taureans should never disrespect intelligent and godly/saint-like people to avoid problems in personal life. Disrespect for their brother will cause them to go through some tough times in life. They should never make fun of or disrespect art in any way, including not caring for a piece of art. They need to keep any art in their home clean and dust-free.    

Gemini: Never disrespect plants, trees, and young girls. Plant more trees or plants. If the plants in the home are dying due to carelessness, then it shows that their luck may be decreasing. Never wear anything that has become torn, damaged, or really worn out in any way. Geminis should also never leave food (namely vegetables) in their plate. 

Cancer: Cancerians should never get angry or be in too much of a hurry, these both will cause them to be unlucky. They should also respect their friends. They should not disrespect their mothers and younger sister or it will cause them to suffer throughout life. They need to respect and donate water and milk periodically. 

Leo: If Leos get too arrogant or egoistic in their behavior, then it can be understood that their downfall has started, hence, such people should be humble in their behavior. They should never have unused iron objects in their homes. They should also not criticize or gossip about others. 

Virgo: Virgos should never cause harm or pain to plants/trees, father's sister, or younger siblings. They should also never disrespect plants/trees - for instance, never pee/throw anything dirty on a tree's trunk or anywhere else on tree. Additionally, they should not disrespect widows, the sick, and young girls, but should instead try to do something for them regardless of them being their relatives or not.

Libra: Libras should never deceive their friends. Keep the home clean. Never be angry at young children or be a cause of their anger or sadness. They should also not continuously stare at the Sun during sunset.  

Scorpio: Never disrespect servants and siblings. Never make fun of the old or weak. Never collect trash or allow water to gather anywhere in the home.

Sagittarius: Never disrespect milk or rice - even if you see them fallen, then try to collect the rice and go around the spillt milk. Never disrespect anyone who loves you - this does not just mean your life-partner, but really anyone who likes you. Dust on the books and dishes will also cause a negative effect on your fate so never let that happen.

Capricorn: Never regularly donate green clothes. Wear clean clothes everyday. 

Aquarius: Aquarians should not eat anything in the morning without cleaning at least some part of their home first. Never wear anything that is sweaty. Don't keep wooden things in the home that are not in use.

Pisces: They should keep their headrest or headboard area of the bed spacious - there should ideally be nothing behind or above their heads when they sleep. Never keep rotten vegetables in the home. They should always eat freshly made food. 


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