Your daily routine & your luck

July 28, 2013
  • If in your daily routine, if you take care of what time you do what, then it has a great effect on our planets.
  • If your Shani is not good, then you can never have a good daily routine. This means that things will happen but not asy you may have wanted. You will have negativity around you. Despite your efforts, you will not be able to manage your things properly.
  • If your Rahu is not good, then your own home does not seem like a home - it feels like dorm. Rahu will not let you do anything on time.
  • If your Jupiter is weak, then you will not be able to live a disciplined routine. Funny thing is such people will be seen teaching discipline to others. Jupiter can be considered weak if it is in these 'bhaav" 1,2,4,8, 10, then too they will ive advice to others to be disciplined.
  • However, if your daily routine is well planned, then Sun, Jupiter and Shani will start to give good results.
  • If you yourself don't change, then you can not change anything around you.
  • A perfect routine brings about a balance between mind, body, and soul.
  • The earlier you see the Sun, the more your confidence will increase.
  • Your self-control and will power will increase if you start to get up early.
  • Your body will get more oxygen as pollution is minimum and your energy level will increase.
  • You will have more patience.

How to have a good routine:

Leave the bed early.

The best time to get up is before sunrise, but even within 45 minutes of sunrise is also good. So if sunrise is at 6am, then you should get up by 5:45 and see the Sun. This will improve your Sun and you will start getting the positive energy from Jupiter.

Don't leave your bed immediately after opening your eyes. Stay on the bed for a few minutes.

Get up and face the east, pray to your isht and your descendants, remember your parents, then your guru, and then know about yourself - who are you, what's your life's goal, what will you need to do today and also say sorry to God for anything that you may have done wrong and plead that you ask for energy to correct the mistakes.

Thank the people who have helped you and that all your enemies turn into your friends.

Then say to yourself that you won't do anything wrong today. That you will do something for humanity at least once today.

Then do 5 times jap of gayatri mantra, om bram brahspataaye namah. Then put both your hands on your eyes. Then put both feet on the floor together.

Get up and fix your pillow and blanket on your own.

Then look at the image of your isht in your temple and say hello to it.

Then wish everyone in the house. Then touch the feet of the elders or at least say hello to them.

Then do the following "kriya":

When you get up, take 1 glass of water

Walk around - can be done in the house.

Go to the toilet but don't try to use too much energy to go to the toilet. To go easily, take some currants soaked in milk at night before going to bed. Press the teeth together when going to the toilet.

Use Babool to brush your teeth if you have suffered some kind of deception.

Then do kapaalbhaati for 5 minutes while doing jap of your isht.

Then do anulom vilom while doing jap of your isht.

Then do full deep breathes for 5 minutes while continuing with your jap.

Then go for a walk if you do morning walks and then do read something.

Take a shower. Sometimes, you can do a massage before showering.

Tap your towel to dry instead of rubbing it.

Wear your clothes.

Then do some meditation and prayer to your God.

Then have some amla and harad - if your stomach is not good, or if you have to do a lot of mental work, or if you have too much fat.

Then go for breakfast, but before eating, offer some to God. Then take some light food.

Do not drink water while eating.

Make sure you eat less than the amount of hunger you have.

Eat lunch between 12 and 1.

You can lay on your left side for about 10 minutes after eating, it will be helpful, but don't sleep.

Make sure you take a walk in the evening and do jap of your isht and then do the mantra of whatever planet is troubling you: mangal, buddh, shani, rahu or ketu.(only these planetd can be worshipped in the evening).

Make sure you eat your dinner by 20:30. Make sure you sit in Vajraasana for 10-15 minutes after eating.

Try not to drink milk at night and if you do, then wait for 3 hours after drinking milk.

Be happy during the day.

Try to go for walks during morning and evening and do long walks. Don't try to walk much during walking. Concentrate on your breath and thak God for your energy and body.

If your neck is bent forward, then that shows that there's some weakness/disease in the body.


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