What to do during Navratri

September 22, 2014

Navratri days are very important for all, especially students and people trying to attain siddhis. Try to meditate each day and get rid of any negativity in you.

How to worship Maa in Navratri:

Sit in the lotus position. Keep your rectum inwards and do the mantra "om durgaaye namaha" for at least 11 times. This is quick and easy enough for even children to do.

It's important to mentally prepare yourself to get energy; ask Maa to energize you so you can use that energy for the benefit of the country and society.

Offer a pair of cloves/"laung", honey, in betel/"paan" leaves to devi maa. Afterwards you can eat the laung and put the remaining things in your flower pots as fertilizer after they have dried up.

Anyone who wants to resolve any problems from Shani, offer sindoor mixed with chameli oil to maa's feet. Apply some of that on your forehead to get the blessings from maa and remove any disillusions in your mind. It will also improve your confidence.

For problems related to marriage, the husband and wife should gift each other a white cloth along with a coconut. The husband should include some red bangles along with this, while the wife should include a red handkerchief with this. This can be done any time and the cloth can even be something small. Make sure you keep the object gifted by your spouse carefully.

Do the mantra "om aing hring kling chaamundaaye vichhe" everyday.

Bury a little bit of surma in soil everyday. Donate milk in a glass vessel. These will improve any marriage related problems or problems in getting married.

Be committed to the one you love and ask Maa to bring you close to the one you love. Offer 2 cloves and a cardamom to Maa's feet; do the mantra of "om aing hring kling chaamundaaye vichhe" for 11,000 times to activate the aforementioned objects. Keep this with you at all times.

1st day: Mata Shailputri/Maa Parvati:

Meditate on Maa Parvati, move your rectum inwards and concentrate on maa.

Donate red clothing to a poor pre-pubescent girl.

If you can not keep upvaas, eat less than what you want to - so eat 75% of what you would have otherwise eaten. Eat more fruits and drink more water. Do argala stotra paath morning and evening and do the mantra chants as much as you can to get Maa's blessings.

Those who are doing upvaas, eat fruits and water.

2nd day: Mata Brahmacharini

Give some food including rice to poor pre-pubescent girls - below the age of 8 years.

Wear white or yellow clothing for the prayer to maa and meditate to maa. You will ge knowledge, respect, and a peace of mind. Concentrate on the swadhisthaan chakra. It will help you get rid of negativity through the vibrations created through this meditation.

3rd day: Maa Chandra-ghanta

Concentrate on the manipur chakra while chanting maa's mantra.

Donate rice to poor pre-pubescent girls.

4th day: Maa Kushmaanda

Gift red or pink clothes to maa and also wear clothing of the same color on this day to pray to maa.

Donate something in red/pink color to poor pre-pubescent girls or help such girls with something.

Donate some jaggery/gud to poor pre-pubescent girls.

5th day: Maa Skandmata

Wear and sit on white, yellow or green cloth to get immense energy from maa.

It's a very important day for students and people who need to talk a lot in their profession.

Donate 7 types of wheat on this day to poor pre-pubescent girls after praying to maa.

6th day: Maa Kaatyani Devi

People who have problems from Mars or who have problems in their marriage should definitely worship maa on this day.

Donate red clothes.

Donate rice and food in general to poor laborers.

Worship maa while being seated on a red mat.

7th day: Maa Kaalraatri

Donate black clothes to someone poor.

Respect old widowed women and help them in any way you can.

Pray to maa in the morning and evening to get rid of any unwanted disturbance from people.

8th day: Maa Maha-gauri

Feed at least 8 poor pre-pubescent girls. Gift them some cloves, clothing, paan, and any other things that may be of use to them.

Respect women.

9th day: Maa Shiddhi-daatri

Will be updated soon.

Special remedies/siddhis that can be done during navratri:

Siddhi means attainment of perfection. People who have siddhis rise above normal behavior or normal environment. This can be compared to the difference between the way of working of someone who exercises and is able to do things quickly and efficiently to the way a weak person works. Another example, a person who reads a lot and listens to things with patience, is more aware and able to foresee things into the future. On the opposite spectrum is someone who talks a lot or thinks what he'she is saying is correct or does not listen with patience. So similarly, people with siddhis can foresee things that others who are stuck in materialism can not see. To explain this biologically, the neurotransmitters are so charged up that the mind is able to see beyond time. The more the charge, the better the person can think, see, and advise/help others. The attainment of siddhis is not about getting god, but a blessing from god. People who are siddh do not talk about their siddhis, but you can feel their higher state once you come near them as your problems start to disappear when you are in the vicinity of such people.

Whenever you want to start something new or want to start work on a siddhi, then start this on either a special day of the Sun or Moon and of the hora and yog of the Sun or Moon. Here are some siddhis you may want to strive for in the coming navratris:

1. To stop quarrels in the home/office: take some soil from a field where the irrigation is done manually with the help of a bull - not by machines. Bring this soil on the day before the first day of navratri. Make a clay idol out of this soil before sunrise on the first day of navratri. While making the clay idol, keep reciting the following in your head: Om Jayanti Mangala Kaali Bhadra Kali Kapalini Durga Kshama Shiva Dhatri Svaha Svadha Namostute. Get the idol ready by sunrise. Then put it in your prayer room and start your regular worship. Then bury this in your home or office. If you are unable to bury it, then take a clean earthen pot, place the idol in it, and cover it with soil. Do not plant anything in the pot for at least a year. Make sure no one throws this pot out so keep it safe. This will stop all quarrels and causing any consipiracies against you. If you are able to repeat this process of making the idol and burying it everyday, then you can even donate a few of these to someone. However, make sure you do not accept anything in return for this otherwise you will have to bear some kind of losses.

2. Vani siddhi/vani-dosh remedy: This is very useful for students, politicians, lawyers, marketers, or in improving one's marriage. Keeping quiet and doing Bhramari pranayama everyday improves mental energy and improves one's speech. Wear white clothes and sit on a surface with white covering. Keep sitting quietly for 30 minutes - don't listen to anything and try to stop all thoughts in your head; then do the following mantra: om shrim bhrim saraswatye namaha. Do 108x5 mantras everyday before sunrise if possible. Or if you can't, then do it everyday in the evenings. Start it on the first day of navratri and continue doing it until the last day of the next navratri. Also do some chakra-shodhan in addition to this.

3. Santaan siddhi: For people who want to have healthy children, they should do the santaan gopal mantra in front of the santaan gopal yantra, whenever Leo and Scorpio are in lagna and it is the ending phase of the day. This is especially for people who've been trying to get pregnant for numerous years. Ideally, the santaan gopal yantra should be activated/"siddh". However, this can only be done by a few rare people, so until you meet someone who can activate this for you, then just clean the yantra everyday and pray to your isht before dong the mantra. Doing this mantra for 125,000 times will create conditions for one to get pregnant and will bring a healthy baby with a healthy mind.

Om namo ganga dakaare, gorakh bahaa ghor dheepaar, gorakh beta jaayaa jayadrut, poot ishwar ki maaya - this mantra is another important mantra to get a good baby. Activate a cotton thread by reciting this mantra 1008 times. After getting pregnant, wear it around the waist on each Thursday. This should be activated and tied either by the mother or by the mother-in-law of the pregnant woman. This will also prevent any problems during the pregnancy that might cause unwanted abortion.

4. For prosperity: if your money keeps getting wasted, despite getting regular income, then take a  very small root of the bargad tree. Grind it with some turmeric and water. Apply its tilak on the devi while keeping the shri yantra in front of you. Do the shri-sukt paath too. After you  do 125,000 mantra of this, you will be ensured prosperity throughout life even in tough times. Also, even others around you will start benefiting due to your blessings.

5. To prevent theft: take a little bit of the root of the "ketaki" tree, activate it, and keep it in your treasure. Take the root on a poornima night that falls on a Thursday. Greet the ketaki tree, and take a small bit of the root, place it in your place worship, wash it with ganga-jal, wash it with raw milk, then wash it again with ganga-jal, cover it with sindoor all over. Then do the 8-keelakam paath for 11 times. Make sure you do not eat or drink during this whole procedure. Do the same with concentration for 21 days. Then keep it in your treasure. This root needs to be made "siddh" on each navratri - twice per year.

6. To get out of any controversy, dry gomautra, gandak and dhatura and grind them together. Offer 540 ahutis of this mixture in fire on the first day of navratri. Before doing the ahutis, concentrate on Ma Kali and ask her to rid you of that one big problem you're having - no mantra needed. Please remember that you can not fool the planets. You need to be 100% honest to get the positive results of this, so if you are not completely honest then you will not benefit from this.

7. Activate your chakras: Doing chakra meditation can help one get closer to God, but can also get rid of one's impurities or get rid of the negative effects of planets. However, the benefits of worship and prayers come more to people whose chakras are activated. Firstly, you need to have pure thoughts, you should not do this to take revenge on anyone. It greatly strengthens your aura to the extent that no negativity can enter it. To do this, you need to first take a bath, meditate, do mantra meditation, maintain upvaas, get rid of your impure thoughts and any weakness in the body. The chakras are located in places around the spinal region of the body. You need to activate each chakra one by one starting from the mooladhara all the way to the aagya chakra. This chakra activation can even get rid of your negative karma due to the immense positivity in you, it can make you aware of the past/present/future time. However, this needs to be done after learning it properly from a guru as it's a spiritual/biological approach.

8. To improve memory: wear white clothes and sit on a surface with a white cover; keep quiet for 30 minutes - stop listening to any outside noise and try to stop any thoughts in your head. Then do the following mantra: om shrim bhrim saraswatye namaha - for 108x5 times. This can be done during the morning, afternoon, or evening.

Some more siddhis/special prayers that can be done during the navratri days:

  1. The more strong you are in your mind, the harder you can work with greater self-confidence. For this, you need to make a special pendant, which can be worn around the upper arm or around the neck. Take 21 white ratti seeds in a silver, clay, or copper bowl - not iron or steel. Then offer some sindoor to this after offering the sindoor to devi ma as part of your daily worship. Do the mantra "om dum durgayaaya namaha" for 1008 times everyday. This should be done while being seated on a surface with a white cover. The time to do this can be either in the morning, noon, at sunset, or before meal every night - make sure the time is the same everyday. Do upvaas forall the navratri days by only eating fruits and drinking milk as meal. Benefits: it removes any kind of hassles provided you are not in the wrong, gets rid of black eye, improves will power, gets rid of anxiety and tension, brings immense confidence which can be clearly seen in the eyes and the face, your writing will become more refine, you will learn things faster without the need to revise, and your mind will work better.
  2. Go to a mango tree and get the knot that forms on the tree anywhere up to 10 feet. This know will generally have a small branch coming out of it. Take the whole knot and the branch, place it in cow's dung (to avoid drying out of the branch). Plant this into a clay pot which has some soil in it. Worship it regularly. Over time, the branches will dry out, but the knot will remain. When to bring the knot home: on a panchmi or ashtami. Activate it by doing 5100 mantras of the argala stotra's first verse: Om Jayanti Mangala Kaali Bhadra Kali Kapalini Durga Kshama Shiva Dhatri Svaha Svadha Namostute. The mantra should be done with utmost concentration, so if you aren't able to concentrate well stop doing it as it can bring about negative effects. Benefits: this knot can bring about the following results to you: removes the problems in marriage life or will help you get married; any problems to the children or problems in getting pregnant can be overcome by tying the knot around the abdominal region; brings about general peacefulness in the home.
  3. Grind about half a kilo of pure mishri and 250 gm of green cardamom - put them together in some vessel which is not steel or iron. Then regularly do the mantra of "om aing hring kling chaamundaaye vicche" or just "aing hring kling chaamundaaye vichhe" for 108x5 times. Do this regulary for the navratri days at the same time. When not doing the mantra, keep this covered with a red cloth. Benefits: improves your speech; improves the mind's ability to take decisions; gets rid of any confusion in the brain and helps the brain work better.
  4. Take 3 pure copper coins and tie them together in a red, white, or yellow thread. Put this around the devi ma's neck or place them at her feet. Wash the coins with raw milk and ganga-jal. Then do the 8th verse of argala stotra 108x5 times. Mantra: Achintya-roop-charitey, sarv-shatru-vinaashani, roopam dehi, jayam dehi, yasho dehi, dvisho jahi. This process should be repeated in the morning and evening throughout the nine days of navratri. Benefits: this is for people who want to achieve a lot despite their birth-charts being weak.
  5. Take 18 pieces of cloes/laung that are not broken at all. Put them in a steel, silver, or copper vessel (not in glass). Put this in your prayer room. Do the mantra "om hring hang sah" 108x11 in one or 2 sittings every morning on each navratri day. Eat this laung whenever you feel stressed, depressed, in some anxiety, or place this laung in your mouth when you need to go somewhere important and need extra confidence.
  6. Make 9 siddh yantras - one on each day. Take "bhojpatra", divide it into 3x3 pieces and keep the rest. Mix together some red chandan, white chandan, and some turmeric. Use this as ink to write "aing hring kling chaamundaaye vichhe" 5 times on the bhojpatra. You may not be able to see what you've written, but don't worry about it. Then say "om" and ask ma to come into the yantra. Then write the mantra again with your finger, pomegranate wood, or any other wood. Use this yantra when you feel like someone has cast an evil eye on you; you feel obstacles in your work, your health may not be improving. How to use: take some water; greet devi ma; keep reciting the afore-mentioned mantra while looking at the water and put the bhojpatra in it. After some time, drain the water and keep sipping a little bit throughout the day. Do this for 3-4 days, you will find a way to overcome your illness. If you feel like someone is causing obstacles in your work is becoming jealous of you, get the bhojmantra laminated and keep it close to your chest. Then start talking to the person with confidence. The person stop his negative feelings towards you. If you feel that someone is trying to intervene in your home's happiness, then laminate the bhoj-patra, and place it at your door's entrance. Make sure you put roli-rice on it and clean it everyday. You should see a difference in 45 days.

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HinduPoojaRituals - 2 years ago 
This article provides the best information about celebrating the Navaratri by worshiping the powerful goddesses on all the days. Thanks for sharing the best spiritual article with us.

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