Venus moving into Libra

September 10, 2013

From the 6th of September to the 4th of October, Venus will move into Libra. This will be a positive change in general.

If you use this period to do remedies, then you can have some great benefits.

Aries: it wil be favorable in terms of relationships - whether it be in love matters or even partnerships; if you had been involved in some controvery/quarrels where you despite being right were being seen to be wrong then you can expect improvements in that area too; if you notice any problems, every Friday, donate some "makhana" to poor girls.

Taurus: some of your enemies will quieten, while others may come up due to your irresponsible behavior; be careful about your important documents; if you're a student, control your language and speech, don't be irresponsible in maintaining relations; take care of your own and your mother's health; if you suffer from any hormonal disbalance, then get medical help; however, your luck seems to be favorable to you so there's nothing much to worry about.

Gemini: you may do some activities in a way that may cause obstacles in your studies or work; there may be bitterness in love relationship; be calm; wear a crystal bead in your neck or donate some sugar powder (bura) mixed in flour to a cow in the mornings.

Cancer: things will be improving for you; firstly, your mentality will improve; try to concentrate on your work instead of wasting time; you may have serious quarrels with your life partner or the person you love so strive to make things better on that front; woship your isht dev; you will get help from friends and mother.

Leo: there will be a feeling in you to start doing some hard work; just be careful while driving - especially when you're driving with friends; offer water mixed with sugar to the Sun everyday.

Virgo: this is a time of increased wealth for you; you should strive in work related to your promotion, marriage, and increasing wealth; it's also a good time for studies as well as making plans; be careful about your nose and throat; when in problems, put some "mishri" in a white cloth and donate to poor children.

Libra: this will be an improved time for you; work that had been stuck will start moving ahead; however, be cautious in your relationship with your spouse or lover as due to some third person, you may have some bitterness in your relationshp; there can be a promotion at work; your health and business will improve; you will start having a bigger vision for you life; if you notice any problems, then offer rice pudding to some poor person or some poor children who are of less than 8 years of age for 11days.

Scorpio: you will become restless during this time so be careful; this restlessness will have a bad effect on your relations and studies; if you're going on some travel, it will be beneficial but you need to be careful of your belongings and your health in these travels; anything to do with property, vehicles, and relationships will improve but try to control your restlessness; in case of problems, start wearing white clothes and offer 2 small mishri in flowing water after saying Laxmi maa's name.

Saggitarius: it's a good time for your promotion and improving your wealth acquisition; you will learn new things and get more education; many of your new concepts and plans will come to fruition;  it's also a good time for your children in the family; make sure your relations with your elder siblings do not suffer due to some outsider; you will get time to go for some outings/leisurely travel; if you notice any problem, then offer some flour mixed with sugar to a cow in the morning.

Capricorn: it's a good time for you; your luck will improve; many obstacles that were coming in the way of your promotion will be removed; your relations with your parents and the health of your parents will both improve; many of your problems will start disappearing on your own; for remedies; on a Friday, wear a silver ring in your right hand's ring finger ; if you notice problems in married life, then offer a bit of milk to your life partner that should help your relations.

Aquarius: your luck will improve so start doing some hard work; your obstacles will go away once you start doing some hard work; stop eating salt on Fridays if you notice any problems.

Pisces: althought it's a good time, there might be health related problems which might also effect your willpower; as remedy, eat some gud (jaggery) in the mornings; as remedy; do sundar kaand paath on Tuesdays and if possible, also read Hanuman Chalisa everyday.


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