The many benefits of wearing Ruby/Manikya

October 11, 2013

One should wear Ruby/Manikya to make the Sun stronger. However, if the Sun is in Markesh, then you should not wear this stone as it will cause you a lot of loss.

If your Sun is positive, then it will be beneficial to you.


- improve problems with skin

- improve self-confidence issues

- to increase your intuition

- make your bones stronger

Who should wear Manikya?

- If the mount of Sun is slightly pressed, or if there are small spots on it, or if your Sun line is too weak and is broken - this will improve your self-confidence and bring about a glow to your skin

- if the Sun is in the second or 4th house in your birth chart, then it causes problems in family life and doesn't let the household  increase - this is visible on the palm with a slightly broken line going towards the Mercury mount and a girdle on this mount may be broken. Such people should wear manikya as it can improve their family life.

- if you have a lack of Vitamin D, then wearing Ruby in a copper ring will definitely help you - it will make your eyes, body, and soul stronger.


- drink water more than usual

- never talk bad words to anyone - especially to the elderly.

- if you feel that you are getting more angry after wearing the stone, then wear it in silver.

- if you feel depressive or lazy, then wear manikya in copper

- after a gap of 8 to 10 Sundays, then on a Friday, put the stone in some raw (uncooked) milk after which wear it again in your rign finger on Sunday at sunrise while doing either adityahridya strotra paath or while chanting "om ghrini suryaya namaha" 1008 (yes, this is one thousand and eight times). It can be worn in any hand - make sure it's on the ring finger.


as wearing Ruby makes one confident, it can also turn into over-confidence which causes ego issues, acidity, and your mouth becoming dry while spit gathering in the sides of your mouth - if this is happening, then take off this stone immediately as it's turning out to be negative for you.

If you are wearing Ruby, and you also want to wear moonga (coral stone) and neelam (blue sapphire) - you should do so only after proper consultaion.

Who should not wear Ruby/Manikya?

If your stomach makes too much acid.

If you have problems with your liver.

If you attack someone's reputation when angry

If your relationships make and break easily

If your reputation keeps getting bad because of your speech

If your Sun is in the 3rd, 8th or 12th house


rohit - 6 years ago 
hello sir .I am suffering from a problem ...I really need ur help

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