The Magical Effects of Rudraksh

July 22, 2014

Rudraksh is considered a part of Shiv. It has immense magnetism, which is why it's important to understand the benefits of different types of Rudraksh. While 3, 5, 6, and 7-mukhi rudraksh can be found easily . The number of types of rudraksh can go upto 14.

General Effects Of Wearing Rudraksh

Not many people know that even drinking water of Rudraksh can be very beneficial. The physical and chemical properties of rudraksh are very magical. For instance, if one has problems with concentration and gets angry easily then first make sure to wash the rudraksh thoroughly. Then put the rudraksh in a copper glass at night and drink just the water in the morning. It will make one more calm and increase patience.

Rudraksh has many properties: improves will power, memory, patience, concentration, provides oxygen, etc.

The rudraksh worn by yogis is worn to improve their concentration, be in control of their desires, to keep their mind stable,  to make them more hardworking and honest. Hence, a rudraksh can be very beneficial to anyone who wants to improve these aspects of one's personality. It is also very beneficial for children/students as similar qualities are needed to be a good student.

How to

Wearing rudraksh is considered very good when done so during the saawan months. The smaller the rudraksh bead is, the more effective it is considered. 

Rudraksh can be worn in a thread, silver, or gold. The thread can be glued to the rudraksh to make sure the bead stays in place.

The chant for activating rudraksh should ideally be done during the nakshatra of Adra, during Chaturdashi, or during Pradosh. These are the best times to activate the rudraksh after which the rudraksh can be worn on the coming Monday during the saawan month.

Types of Rudraksh - Effects - How to Activate

1-mukhi rudraksh - It's considered as a form of Shiva. This is a very rare type of rudraksh and is very hard to find, but if you have a pure such bead, then it can give you all benefits in material and spiritual life. This rudraksh can be put in the place of worship after doing enough chants on a Akshaya Tithi. Doing so will ensure that one is endowed with wealth at all times. This rudraksh needs to be activated by doing the "Om Hrim Namaha" chant by you or your guru for at least 1008 times before wearing it for it give you the positive results.

2-mukhi rudraksh - This is called Deweshwara. It fulfills one's desires. If for instance you keep doing efforts for some work, but somehow the work never gets completed, then wearing the 2-mukhi rudraksh can bring about great results. The mantra for this rudraksh is "Om Namaha" - to be done 1008 times. This rudraksh is also good for people who have vani-dosh, are unable to conceive, or the brain is not sharp.  It should be worn in a green thread on a Wednesday. The size of the beads should be 1 or 2 and there should be at least 11 beads. Or if the beads are big (beads are size 5 o6), then even 2 beads will be sufficient.

3-mukhi rudraksh is very useful for people who do a lot of brain work - students, yogis, researchers - any work which requires a lot of concentration and dedication. It gives complete knowledge. "Om Klim Namaha" is the mantra that needs to be chanted 1008 times to activate this rudraksh.

4-mukhi rudraksh can be activated by the "Om Hrim Namaha" mantra and worn on a Saawan Monday after doing a minimum of 1008 chants. This is called a brahma-roopi rudraksh. It has the power to make even the laziest person get up and start doing some work.

5-mukhi rudraksh is called a "Kalagini Rudra roop". It gets one rid of any curses. It helps one get rid of illnesses that may be causing delays in work and also removes any other obstacles in one's work. Do the mantra "Om Hrim Namaha" for 1008 times at least and wear 51 beads or more. The beads can all be small with one big one at the heart chakra. The smaller the beads the more effective they are considered.

Types of Rudraksh Beneficial for Students:

2-mukhi rudraksh is considered to give all that one desires; if it suits one, then it can make one's fate stronger; it can increase one's mind power which makes one more alert and also improves one's concentration. It's important to find a pure 2 faced one for these benefits to show. It can be worn in any type of thread on a Monday. The no. of beads can be just 11.

3-mukhi rudraksh is very good for students as well as yogis. They can wear just 11 beads of this around the neck. It improves the concentration, memory, and self-confidence.

4-mukhi rudraksh - just 11 beads of this type of rudraksh can help students get rid of their laziness.

12-mukhi rudrkash is very good for students who are very ambitious and work hard, but aren't able to get the right opportunities. Even one rudraksh bead can prove very helpful to them and give them immense improvements in their fate.

Other Rudraksh Remedies:

Put the 1-mukhi and 2-mukhi rudraksh in milk after washing and drying it in the Sun properly for a few hours and then drink the milk to improve the brain's strength.

Wearing the 4-mukhi rudraksh bead around the upper arm also increases the brain's abilities.

14-mukhi rudraksh bead worn by a man or woman will help them beget a very healthy child and also help in their marital problems. This is very good for people with mangal-dosh.

Wearing a 11-mukhi and black rudraksh around the belly removes the problem of unwanted abortions in females who continuously go through this problem.


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