The colors for you and your home

July 27, 2013

Aries: red, pink and orange color scheme is good. It's the same color bed covers, bed sheets, clothes, jewelry, curtains etc. can be used, but you must make sure that your room's south-west corner is always clean and well maintained.

Taurus: any bright colors will be good. South - West direction is best place for heavy furniture. This will ensure peace and security in your home.

Gemini: use light green, light blue and red colors. These are also the colors you should mostly go for. Placing light furniture in the north - west would be beneficial for you.

Cancer: white, milky white, or beige color are the best as they are ruled by Moon.It would be good to place a water object or picture with water flowing in it, in the Nort-East direction to prevent any water related incidents.

Leo: white and golden yellow color is more suitable. You can also wear clothing in these colors and decorate your home in these colors. Kitchen should be in the South-east  to prevent any type of fire accidents.

Virgo: light green, light blue, and red. You can wear and/or decorate your home in these colors. Put heavy furniture or accessories in the south - west corner of your room to bring in happiness into yourr home.

Libra: Any bright color.  The curtains, sofa covers, pillow covers can be of these colors. For you, the North - West corner is good, so place lighter accessories or decorations in that corner to prevent any worries.

Scorpio: red, pink and orange colors. Use the same colors for your clothing and jewelry. should be used. It's advisable to place a pitcher of water decked with garlands of pearls in the North - West direction. This will help your child's education, success and prosperity.

Sagittarius: yellow color. Always put fire or other flammable items in the southeast, where you can light a candle in a clay container (deepak/diya) everyday.

Capricorn: dark blue, dark green, black, and brown. You can use these colors for your sheets, sofa - covers, curtains etc. for good outcomes. Heavy furniture or accessories should be kept in the southeast corner.

Aquarius: dark blue, dark green, black and light brown colors. The walls of the room and the objects of decoration should be in these colors for prosperity. Put lightweight items in the  north - west direction.

Pisces: The auspicious color is yellow, so use more yellow. Use the north-east dierction for water storage or  hang a picture of flowing water, which represents prosperity flowing.


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