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October 19, 2013

Stop telling lies - learn causes and remedies for this habit

To tell lies is no doubt a bad trait to have, but it is also a sign of mental weakness. Some people lie due to compulsion - it becomes a habit for them, while others lie for no reason - there are some planets that cause this. These planets will cause even more negative effects in their phase.

The main planet that makes one a liar is Moon - it either makes you a saint or someone who is a chatterbox and uses lies to tell imaginative stories.

The second planet is Mercury -  a negative Mercury can even causes one to lie in regards to God; someone who is under the bad effect of this planet can go to any extent to lie about anything.

The third planet is Ketu - it will cause one to fabricate a story which will be easily caught as you are unable to tell your story in a believable manner. It will eventually cause you to become lonely in life and your speech will turn very negative eventually.

Moon and Mercury make lying a habit.

Although there are moments where you have to lie to avoid bigger problems, but there are many more moments where lying is not required. Below are some remedies to make you more truthful.


- wear a silver ring in your thumb on a Monday before 6am

- wear a 6-7 carat stone called "chitti" in a silver pendant on any day. It can be worn on any day around your neck, but in the daytime. It will increase your self-confidence and you will not be compelled to tell lies.

- have a pendant made which has 3 small stones: lehsuniya/cat's eye, gomed, and sfatik/crystal in it - these can be set in copper or silver. This pendant will help your luck and your speech by calming some nerves that are responsible for making you lie.

- take the root of the khirni tree, tie it in a white thread and wear it around the neck along with 3 copper coins; it's also beneficial to eat the fruit of this tree. This will balance the feelings that make one want to tell lies.

- for Ketu, care for a cow, listen to your Guru, and do things for your religion.

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