Sleeping habits & your fate

July 28, 2013

Here are some sleeping habits and what they show.

If you salivate a lot during your sleep, then this shows bad effects from Mercury.

- your memory may not be good

- lack of clacium

- lack of energy

Do remedies for Mercury and your stomach.

If you snore a lot while sleeping, then this shows a bad Moon and Jupiter, specially people who have problem in the Visshudhi chakra (neck chakra). Moon blocks the nose. Jupiter effects the glands in the throat. Bad effects of Jupiter can show in your belly being big and there may be small graininess on the tonsil area of the skin.

People who wake up in the position they sleep in have a focused mind, they only bother about their own work and they give their own direction to their life. If a man, the man will love his daughter a lot and if it's a mother, then she will love her God a lot. Shows good combination between Venus and Mercury. Such people are calm in normal life.

People who talk in their sleep are either suffering from some neuro disorder (due to fear, phobia, or mania) or are very intelligent (they are very intuitive, they can even invent things in their sleep). Such people have a strong mind line, it should go to the Moon and not break off, it should be without any broken lines and should be pointy in the end.

You should ideally sleep in "shav-asana", "makar-asana", or "baal-asana".

Some people like to get up and watch the clock, this shows your Jupiter may be negative and that you are anxious. To resolve this, tell your pillow the time you want to get up at a certain time and you should get up at the time.


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