Shani/Saturn Has Set Until the 22nd of November

October 24, 2013

On the 20th of October - Shani has set in the East and will remain set until the 22nd of November . This change in Shani causes great changes on all of us. How does this effect your Moon sign? Learn below:

Aries - you will have to stay on a very restricted diet to maintain your health especially your neck and shoulders. People who were planning on getting married may face some difficulty, but things will be fine if you maintain patience. As a remedy, wear a silver chain and keep a strand of saffron on your belly button.

Taurus - it's a bad phase as your will increase and even some friends may start behaving like enemies due to your speech. Your interest in new friends will increase, but make sure this does not create problems with older friends. There may be some issues related to your stomach. There may also be problems related to repaying your debt. You may have to run around a lot. Work related to abroad will succeed. If you enemy issues increase too much, then pick a Saturday of the week when you will put a very small quantity of seesa/mercury (less than a drop) in water; the other remedy is offering some donations to girl children who are less than 8 years in age.

Gemini - Be careful about your throat, teeth, and stomach as this change will make you do a lot of hardwork. You will, however, give you a lot of success, even things that you may not have thought about which will improve. You may have to suffer some damage to your reputation from friends or your life partner. You may experience some problems in regards to some government work. As a remedy, take a coconut - touch it with the flowing water and place it next to the river.

Cancer - Your negativity may increase and your health related problems will continue. Your personal life may also face some hurdles, but you may get promoted in your job and foreign related work may succeed. There may be problems in your studies. As a remedy, donate some kitchenware or food items for 5 Tuesdays - not stuf from your own kitchen and do not be in the company of bad friends.

Leo - Be careful about your stomach, blood pressure and ears. You may also need to care for your father as he may have some health issues. Think a lot before deciding to change jobs. Offer water to the Sun and donate 0.75l of oil on any Saturday as remedies. Also, try not to eat food that is too rich.

Virgo - People who have problems with their heart, stress, or blood pressure need to maintain a restricted diet and should consult their doctors as soon as possible if they feel any problems. There may some increased enmity in the family members due to thoughts getting negative. There may be struggles in your career. You willl need to work hard to make sure your wealth does not get depleted. As remedy, do gayatri yag for 5 Sundays and gift a white piece of clothing to your father on any Sunday.

Libra - There may problems in regards to your mind and body. You may get an illness due to blood being impure or some virus or you may experience problems in your bones. You need to save your family from controversies or you may have to face lots of quarrels and go through some mental agony. People who have mangal dosh may expect their personal relations to worsen. There may be a change in location. Your in-laws may go through some problems. If you suffer from too many problems, then donate blood. If your personal relations are not good, then donate some books to poor children.

Scorpio - From a health point of view, there may be health problems related to your head, chest, memory, and toilet related diseases. Do some remedies related to your work and job. Do not take any decisions for the next 33 days. In general, you should not take any haste decisions until the 9th of July, 2014. As a remedy, donate blankets on Saturdays - as much as you can - thank the person that you donate to.

Saggitarius -  There may be problems related to health. Your family's peace may be disrupted. Keep your mind calm and be careful of your speech. Be careful of enemies. Don't lend money. Be concentrated at your work to avoid any problems to your reputation. As a remedy, wear a gold ring in your index finger.

Capricorn - Be disciplined to avoid any health issues. Be careful about your father's health or your relationship with your father. Make sure you do not spend from your savings and immovable property or you may have to suffer some losses. Don't lend any money or take any loans. There may be some bad effect on your reputation amongst your friends due to your love relationship. People who are in some sort of social or reltious work need to very careful. As a remedy, take care of your sister and offer to help or donate to young girls who are less than 8 years in age.

Aquarius - Be careful about problems to your legs, stomach, back, and eyes. You will take right decisions which will cause an increase in wealth. There will be many opportunities to change your line of work or job. You will benefit from a cooperation with someone. As a remedy, do  sundarkaand paath on any Tuesday.

Pisces - You may have problems related to pain in the body, weakeness in the bones, head, mind, and blood related issues. There may be problems in the family due to your increased anger. Partnership, love relations, life partner, or marriage will require some attention as there may be some problems - if you're trying to establish a new relationship, then be very careful. Try not to make any decisions related to your job or career for the next 33 days. If you are involved in public dealing, then you need to be even more careful. As a remedy, do 5x108 mahamrityunjaya chant on any Monday.

In conclusion, keep in mind that Shani/Saturn being a righteous planet, does not cause bad effects on people who speak the truth and help the poor and needy, so be good and do good deeds to prevent the wrath of Shani on you. 


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