Predictions: Shani turning Magri in Libra

July 23, 2014

Shani/Saturn's speed change is considered a very big change astrologically. It directly affects individuals and countries. This time it's changing from "vakri" to "maagri".

Effects on India: there will be a bit of peace briefly, but then the turmoil will be back. The Rupee and petroleum products will become stronger internationally, but for a brief period. There will be problems from neighboring countries and more problems in politics. Materialism will take over for everywhere in all places for some months, which will cause disturbance to people who are honest and spiritual. There may be increase in diseases due to rain; blood disorders, mind-related issues, breathing problems, spine pain or other pain in the legs may increase.

People whose Moon sign is either of the following: Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, & Pisces, need to care for themselves more.

Note that a negative Shani makes people go for self-medication, which can often be dangerous. So, if you have any ailment, do consult a doctor/be 100% sure that there will be no negative side effects to you before taking any medicine.

On the palm:

If your line of fate/Shani, is wavy or if it becomes somewhat thick, of if you see a star type sign on this line;

If the mount of Saturn or the mount of Sun have any moles; or if the mount of Moon have any patches/spots;

=> then it shows that Shani may bring you losses.

Predictions until November for Each Moon Sign:

Aries: Be careful of diseases in general. There may be some problems to your eyes. You may worried about your married life or about your in-laws. There may be some problems in travel abroad. You may get married. There may be some obstructions in your education or education related work. You will progress only after a lot of hard-work. You will be happy with your maid/servants and they will work happily for you. If you have constipation, then be extra careful and take medical advice when necessary. There may be benefits to people who are in jobs. Remedies: donate medicines to the poor (that which they need); don't eat salt for 5 Fridays; donate blue clothes.

Taurus: You may be troubled by diseases. If you're hoping to beget a child, then you will have to do some treatments, although, you will get help when neded. If you have a weak liver, then make sure you stick to your diet or there might be problems. There may be some marriage in the home. Do not take any decision related to your business all of a sudden to avoid any loss. There may be an increase in debt. It's not a favorable time for people who are in a job. Remedies: do sundarkaand paath every Tuesday and offer "chola" to Hanumanji on Tuesdays too. Both of these are important before you take any big business decision.

Gemini: Health related issues will go away. There is a possibility of increase in family size. You have to be careful about your parents. In regards to your marriage, Shani will help you. Your occupation will see improvements. You will spend money on good deeds. You may get some special award, recognition, or reward. Remedies: give food to the ill; pray to Hanuman.

Cancer: You will surely see benefits, but there will be some mental disturbances. You may increase your dependency on medicines. Be careful about your lungs, nervous system, and blood disorders, which may cause problems to your skin. Care for the health of your parents and elder siblings. Also, make sure that you do not do anything that may cause a rift between you and your elder siblings, which may cause tensions in the home. Remedies: wear a "bichhu-ghaas" root around your neck on a Saturday in black thread. Do the mantra of "Om Sham Shanishcharaaya Namaha" regularly until November. You can use a rudraksh bead if you want to. Try to get some rest, while making sure that you don't go to bed too late. Eat less of sweets. Donate sweets on Saturdays.

Leo: Diseases will go away. Issues related to family's settlement will disappear. Problems related to your father's health and his relationship with you will need special attention. It will be mixed results in regards to your wealth, you will get success in pieces, but will definitely succeed. Partnerships can prove fruitful for you. Your reputation will improve. It's not a good period for people connected to politics. Remedies: be under the guidance of a guru; give food to blue collar workers on Saturdays.

Virgo: This change will mark the ending part of the 3rd phase of the saade-saati period. You will see benefits related to house, land, and/or vehicles. Be careful about your nervous system, as there may be increase in headaches. You also need to be careful about your throat and neck. You can become entangled in some fights or conspiracies. People in romantic relationships may get married, but not before they go through some hard work. You will be mostly lucky in this period. Your reputation in society will improve. Remedies: help leprosy patients; in case of any anxiety or problems, do hanuman chalisa paath.

Libra: There may be acidity. Be careful about your heart and breathing. You'll have to try hard to ensure that your married life is happy. To convert your love into marriage, you will have to do a lot of praying to your god. It's a good time in regards to your children and work. People engaged in work related to media, the arts, or films will see a very favorable time for them. Your reputation in society will be good. Remedies: wear a copper bracelet; light a 4-mukhi candle under the peepal tree - everyday if possible otherwise at least on Saturdays until November.

Scorpio: Your mind may feel somewhat weak, so be careful about your nervous system and try to avoid situations that give you headaches. Women who are pregnant or are hoping to get pregnant need to care for themselves more and take medical advice for any problem. There may be some struggles in the family. People who are married or are in a romantic relationship will experience some weakness in their marriage or relationship. Your luck is not so strong, so be careful about taking any decisions. The next 2 and a half years indicate a change in work and place of living for which the plan will be decided between now and November. Hence, it's even more important that the decisions you take are well thought out. Be especially careful in regards to your reputation in society. Someone may decieve you. Remedies: wear less of blue and black colored clothing; wear an iron ring in the left or right hand's middle finger on a Saturday - the ring should not be a full circle, it should have a gap in between.

Sagittarius: Be careful about potential problems related to the heart and kidneys. Do not take any medicine without proper medical supervision. Be careful of headaches. Acidity might increase in the body. It will be a good time for your family - there will be happiness and unity in the family. A new person may join your family. It's a slightly tough time for success at the workplace. Be careful when investing, as there are signs that you may end up investing in something where it will cause you losses/problems. Be careful when thinking about changing your job. You may get into squabbles with many people, so try your best to be in good behavior with everyone. Remedies: donate to the poor; donate oil on Saturdays.

Capricorn: Be careful about your stomach and your relationships with your children. There are signs of growth in the number of family members as well as wealth. If you had been trying for a promotion for the past 8 months or so, then you may get it in the next 3-4 months. There may be a change for the positive in your place of living, but with some difficulty. You may even start some new work. You may benefit from investing in the stock market. Your reputation may decrease, so be careful. Remedies: offer a spoon of oil to the Sun god on Sundays with the mantra "Om Khakolkaaya Svaha" - let a drop of oil drop in the pot/bucket as you do this. Do not let the drop touch your feet.

Aquarius: The family/extended family problems will finish. A friend who may not have been happy with you will become friendly in his/her behavior with you. Investments in the stockmarket can be beneficial for you. People who do business related to abroad will see benefits. Your work will not stop due to the lack of money. Take proper advice when deciding about a new job or business. Remedies: do not eat food made in oil on Saturdays; do sundar-kaand paath sometimes.

Pisces: Be careful about your stomach and the area from the stomach to the thighs. Husband and wife need to be very careful to avoid any quarrels/fights with each other. People who are in a romantic relationship should do some remedies that can help them get married to avoid any obstacles in their marriage. Your family/extended family will support you. You will have to work hard. Business people will get many occassions to get good returns on their money until November. You may get an award. - this is especially likely for students and the intelligent class. Remedies: don't massage oil on your body on Saturdays; don't eat anything made of oil on Saturdays; offer water to the peepal trees/plants on Saturdays.

General Remedies:

  • A negative Shani makes you tell lies and deceive others. So, do not tell lies and stay away from conspiracy.
  • A positive Shani will make you very honest and in the process give you a lot in life.
  • Offer water to Shivji everyday during this month of saawan.
  • Do not eat without first offering bhog to Krishna.
  • If you are honest and are experiencing some problems or obstruction in your work, or are feeling down in general, then do the jap of "Shri krishna govind hare murari, hey naath naarayan vasudeva". It's a very magical mantra and somehow gets rid of all obstacles in your work.
  • Another mantra that can be done is the maha mantra - do this 36 times in the morning regularly. It will help you get out of your sleepiness in the morning, make you active, while also helping you do your daily worship: Hare Ram Hare Ram, Ram Ram Hare Hare - Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
  • If you have negative signs of Shani on your palm, then do the Maa Kali mantra at least on Fridays with just 11x chanting of the following mantra: "Om Jayanti Mangala Kaali, Bhadra Kali Kapali, Durga Kshama Shivaa Dhaatri, Svaha Svadha Namostute"
  • If you have any kind of pain in the body, start putting some oil on your belly button.
  • Drop 36 drops of oil on the peepal tree on every Saturday.
  • Start eating organic (desi) chana.


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