Mars transition into Cancer

August 19, 2013

Mars is moving from Gemini to Cancer from August 18th. It will stay there until October 6th.

People whose moon sign is Aries, Libra, Cancer, or Capricorn need to be careful while driving, running around, and need to stay away from quarrels and controversies.

People who have problems with bones or too much Pitta in the body need to be more alert too.

If your Mars is negative in your birth-chart, then too you need to be careful.

The remedies mentioned here should only be done until October 6th.

Aries - be careful about your friends and anger - so your friends start distancing themselves from you due to your anger; as remedy, you can give cooked food to 5 workers (people who are blue-collar workers) for 5 Tuesdays.

Taurus - be careful while driving and also if you're doing a lot of running around; there might be some obstacles in your work, but you will succeed despite the obstacles; as remedy, don't wear red clothes and instead donate some red clothes to some blue collar worker or their child

Gemini - there might be some problem due to bad usage of language; try not to waste money, which you may do; make sure you don't get problems from younger siblings; as remedy, donate some sweets made of gram flour (besan) or the Indian sweet called "bataashay" on Tuesday evening to some poor children.

Cancer - you have to be very careful as you can get hurt in some accidents; your reputation may suffer some loss; it's not going to be a fortuitous time for you; as remedy, do Sundarkaand or Hanuman Chaalisa Paath and every Tuesday offer "roli", rice, and jasmine oil to Hanuman.

Leo - this is a good period for you - especially from Sept-Oct, you may get the job you had wanted if you had been looking for work; there are chances of getting promotion at the workplace if you're employed, and you may also travel abroad; there are chances that you may live away from your home; take special care of your health - head, eyes, jaw, and throat need attention; as a remedy, do chants of "om rudraaya namaha".

Virgo - Be careful of animals; there may be problems with concentration; friends may also become causes of problems; your anger and irritation may increase; your success is not dwindling though, so be positive even when you feel low; as remedy, every Tuesday until Oct. 6th, throw one 'bataasha' and a copper coin in flowing water or some lake.

Libra - you have to be very careful about your relations, job, and reputation; it is only after great efforts that you will get good results; offer jasmine oil and "sindoor" to Hanuman every Tuesday and clean the area under the "peepal" tree every Saturday and offer it something sweet by placing it under the tree; eat simple and pure food; wear a "rudraaksh" bead

Scorpio - the time may not be so fruitious for you after the 20th of August as there might be some problems; you'll need to put your heart and mind towards your work; keep a record of any work you do; as remedy; donate "besan laddoos" wrapped in a red cloth on Tuesdays

Saggitarius - be careful about you health and married life; stay away from controversies; be careful about your mother's health and ask people in your mother's side of the family to pray to their deities; you may get more wealth; as remedy, donate some white clothes and "mishri" to poor girl children and pray to the Sun on Sundays

Capricorn - your anger may increase, but so will your self-confidence; there are chances of your problems easing out; there may be problems in your married life; it's a good time for students

Aquarius - people who were spreading rumours about you will calm down; there are chances of loaned money returning to you; there are also chances of you going on some travel; things are improving in general; as remedy, do mantra of "om bhomaaya namaha" while sitting on a red cloth for 108 times.

Pisces - this is a positive time for you, but there may still be problems when it comes to relationships; as remedy, do Hanuman Chalisa paath


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