Make Your Jupiter Balanced

August 18, 2014

The better one's Jupiter, the more knowledgeable the person becomes and with that come wisdom and honesty. This planet also rules the stomach and liver.

One can reach great heights in life with the help of different planets such as the Sun, Mercury, or Moon, but it is Jupiter's position that decides how long the success will last. If this planet is not good, then one doesn't take long to fall back down after reaching a high position.

Similarly, Mars can help one get married, but it is a positive Jupiter that sustains the marriage. Hence, Jupiter brings stability in one's life.

How to Know About Jupiter's Position from the Palm:

The index finger and the mount under it show Jupiter on one's palm.

If the mount has many lines criss-crossing each other, it shows a negatvie Jupiter.

If the mount is somewhat flat or if the finger is tilted too much towards the middle finger, then it shows a weak Jupiter.

A straight finger shows a positive Jupiter making the person honest, knowledgeabel, with a cultural mindset, and respect for one's heritage.

If the finger sticks outwards - opposite of the tilt towards the middle finger, then such a person can bring about a some new change/wisdom in society at large.

Other Symptoms to Check Jupiter's Status:

Weak Jupiter:

Dryness in the skin.

Lack of knowledge.

Not enough love or respect from teachers or people in high places.

Lack of stability in life.

Body will become oddly shaped - not saying that the person will become fat. Even when they are fat, there should be some attraction.

Egoistic behavior and anger issues.

Liver and/or stomach may be in a bad state.

Problems in married life.

Lack of respect from people.

One will have a dual-personality, where one pretends to be be something they are not.

One may get married, but will marry someone who is not a good person.

Any new work will get disrupted right at the beginning leaving a bad taste and hence preventing one to do anything further in the new work.

People don't generally like to eat the food you cook. Even cows may refuse to eat your food.

Positive Jupiter:

Good looking body with a good personality.

One has very good relationships with good quality people.

A good skin.

Others get good feeling from meeting a person with a positive Jupiter.

Person will like to eat a lot of fried or roasted foods, which can bring some illnesses, but the liver and stomach will be in a good state despite eating not so healthy foods.


Care for cows, guru, and temples (or whatever your place of worship is).

Do selfless service towards society, the poor, temple, or anyone who needs help.

Clean your nose properly.

Apply kesar tilak.

Help the blind or handicapped.

Donating fruits or vegetables that grow under ground will or feeding these to others will improve one's Jupiter (example: potatoes, carrots, etc..).

Wear a yellow cap if possible.

Wearing the "naarangi" tree's root around the neck in the same naarangi color will help greatly. Alternatively, wear the "kesar" tree's root around your neck in a yellow thread.

Eating sugarcane, jaggery, bananas.

Sugarcane juice will help improve the liver and the digestive system. This will also help in case of jaundice.

Adding some white radish (mooli in Hindi) to the sugarcane juice can even prevent jaundice which is at early stages.

Eating and donating jaggery (gud in Hindi)all will help. Feeding jaggery to cows on Thursdays can help girls get married and doing so in general can help get rid of obstacles in one's work.

Eating jaggery after food will help in hyperacidity.

Add some saunth to jaggery and grinding them together and smelling this mixture when one has hiccups will greatly help in getting rid of hiccups.

A banana tree is often worshipped by unmarried girls to help them get married, which is a good remedy to do.

A banana tree worshipped by married women helps keep the marriage stable, which is again a good remedy for marriage.

Eating food on the banana tree's leaf (as plate), will improve one's digestive system greatly.

To stop swelling on the stomach or anywhere else on the body, tying the bananna tree's leaf will help reduce the swelling.

If one has swelling due to some accident/injury, then tie the banana's skin on to the area and it will slowly reduce the swelling and pain.

If there is a small line going up on the mount of Jupiter from the life line, then it shows lack of support from father for a long time in achieving one's ambitions. As a remedy for this, wear something made of gold that had been worn or used by the father around your neck on a Thursday.

Donate to young girls, your father's sister, your paternal or maternal grandmother.

Misconception About Yellow Sapphire and Jupiter:

There's a misconception that wearing the stone yellow sapphire or "pukhraj" in Hindi, will help one get married. In fact, this is a myth that's spread widely partly due to the half-knowledge/lack of knowledge of gem sellers who attempt to "help" their customers select the appropriate stone.

Wearing Jupiter without proper consultation can prove very negative and on the contrary may cause many hindrances, since Jupiter also increases ego and anger. If it negatively affects the 7th house, then wearing a stone that increases its negative influence even more, will not allow marriage to happen. One should try to make a planet balanced, not to make it strong. If one's Jupiter is already strong, then one should not try to make it even more strong as it can cause further unwanted issues like stomach and liver problems.

Better than wearing a gem is respecting and caring for one's guru.


Vaisali - 3 years ago 
What is the hindi name of bridhadayika tree root? Which tree root is the remedies for brihaspati(jupiter)?
Sree - 3 years ago 
Can I wear yellow sapphire my 7 th house is Jupiter
Molu - 3 years ago 
CAn I wear yellow sapphire Dob :-11-5-1994 Time:-4:45am Place neyyattinkara Trivandrum

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