February 26, 2014

Do fast on this day by only eating fruits and drinking water.

Morning Ritual:

Take some raw milk, honey, and panch-amrit. If possible take some cane juice with you too. Go to the temple and start meditating on Shivji and do abhishek with these items when you get the chance (since the temples will be crowded on this day). Also offer roli, mauli, to Shivji and Parvatiji. Do shiv mantra jap for at least 108 times after this.

Other things to do on this day:

Take white chandan, akshat, and water in your hands and offer it to Shivji while meditating on "om namah shivay". When you do this, also make resolution to get rid of at least one bad habit of yours.

If you have any problems in your marital life or if some enemy is disturbing you, then offer "dhatura" to Shivji and say "I am good and have not done anything wrong, please help me in my problems" - make sure you are in the true when you say this.

If you are concerned about your wealth or property, then offer 11 "bel patra" to Shivji - these should not be cut or torn in any way. Then pray to Shivji with "Om namah shivay" and ask God to help you with what you need - perhaps you can ask for a good quality in you with which you can overcome your problems.

If someone cleans the temple grounds or plants a fruit tree in the name of Shivji, then they can get the blessings of Shivji.

If you have a big debt to repay or if you/your family members are sick, then take 7 types of grains and make 7 packages of them and donate them to people who are in need. Ideally, each package should sufice for one day's meal for someone.

Donating red bricks on this day will prove fruitful for people who have problems in their marital life or people who have problems related to property. You can even announce that you will donate red bricks when you get the chance on this day, but make sure you do it on some later day.

If your family members seem to have a lot of illnesses, take a coconut, flower, jaggery, some money, and honey from each family membery and donate this to a temple or to someone in need.

Try to do "om namah shivay" mantra for at least an hour in the night as the main prayer for Shiv is done in the night.


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