Lucky Plants/Trees for your Moon Sign

August 28, 2013

Every religion in the world teaches us to respect trees and animals. According to Vedas, plants and trees can give you the opportunity to get rid of some bad planetary effects including big doshas such as pitra dosh. So always respect trees and never cut/destroy them. In this article, you can find information on trees that prove lucky for you based on your Moon sign along with some more knowledge on uses of some other trees and plants.

Unfortunately, not all of these trees can be grown everywhere in the world, but hopefully you'll get a chance to plant them at some point in your life.

Also, many times people start doing astrological remedies despite being in the wrong, please note that YOU have to be in the right for these remedies to work. You can not expect these remedies to work for you if you have harmed someone, or something wrong has happened due to your wrongful deeds.


Are you losing your control over yourself or if you're feeling any fear or problems with your mind or you're unable to sleep due to fear or some anxiety

- wear a "chirchita" root in a very thin white cloth around your upper arm or wear it in your neck on a Monday

Any gastric problems, or people who often have fevers can be cured by wearing the chirchita root in this manner. 

For people who have hallucinations or any other problems due to these yuti: Ketu+Moon,  Moon+Mars, or due to Moon+Shani should wear it around the neck or the arm.

People born in Ashwini, Bharani, or Rohini nakshatra should wear this root to get good luck in their work, business, riddance of fear, or improve their general fate. 


Mango tree's leaves helps in getting rid of Rahu and Moon problems.

If you're going out for a very important work, take a bit mango tree's root with you in your pocket. It shouldn't be done too often or it can be harmful, so do this only in case of a dire need (do or die situation). Also, make sure you are not in the wrong when applying this remedy (or any remedy mentioned in this article). If one does these remedies despite being wrongful, it can bring about very bad effects, as the same energy that would have gone to creating positive effects for you goes towards creating negative effects due to you being in the wrong.

It's also said that planting 5 mango trees can help 14 generations, as long as the thoughts are positive - otherwise the benefits will be for the business only.

A mango tree should not be planted in a home as it can cause emotional differences between family members.

If Moon is getting effected by Shani or Rahu and causing ill fate, then putting some black sesame seeds and a spoon of milk in the root of a mango tree for an extended period of time. This can be done Saturday and/or Tuesday. The results will show effects after about a year or so.


It is very benefical when getting rid of negative effects of Mars, Jupiter, or some black magic effects (totka) by someone. It can help in getting rid of headaches, fear, or even fits. Any problems caused by Jupiter: unable to get married; health problems, education issues, reputation related problems - all of these can be resolved by papaya in some form or the other.

  • If you are honest and in the right and you think others are out to harm you physically or in some other way, then you can do the following: put 51 dried papaya seeds in a black cloth and do sundar-kaand paath/maha mrityunjaya paath morning and evening for 3 days; then put them in a black cloth and wear them around your neck on any day.
  • If there are some serious problems with your in-lawas, start feeding papaya to cows on a Thursday. People who have vaani-dosh and the problems with in-laws are caused by that vaani-dosh, then this remedy should not be done. You should be in the right to have the positive effects of this remedy. This remedy is also beneficial to get rid of marriage related issues.
  • If you're experiencing a health issue, of which you can't find the cause, take a papaya, move it over your head (circle it) while asking god to get rid of your problems and throw it in a place where a cow will eat it.
  • You can even use papaya fruit to reduce weight, start compensating grains in your diet with papaya. Reduce the regular food you take gradually by eating papaya instead. 
  • Papaya churan also helps in stomach problems.
  • If you have some unwanted guests at your home who are overstaying their welcome, circle a papaya over their heads (maybe while they sleep) and throw it in the water. This makes sure that these people return to their own places. 
  • If your child is experiencing problems of "evil/bad eye", then have the child wear some papaya leaves around the neck or around the stomach. This will stop the problem from happening.
  • If you aren't able to find out what disease you are suffering from, then take the papaya tree's root in the guru-paksh or pushya nakshatra, while asking for forgiveness from the tree for hurting it for your own benefits. Then wrap the root in a yellow, red, or white thread and wear it around the neck in the same nakshatra time.
  • Papaya is also helpful in making Jupiter positive, but pregnant women should not consume it without medical advice.
  • If you're afraid of some room, then keep a papaya leaf in a copper vessel in that room. It will strengthen your will power and reduce your fears.
  • Eating papaya can help in liver problems. 
  • Giving papaya to others to eat helps make your Jupiter positive.
  • The white milky substance that comes out of the papaya when breaking a leaf helps the skin, incluidng piles, but do this after consulting with a doctor first.

Pregnant women should donate papaya - NOT eat it.


White kanair - keep these flowers with you to bring about peace of mind; don't offer it to Shivji or Ganesha

Red kanair - if you're lacking self-confidence or unable to see through your decisions then offer these flowers to your isht or keep these with you.


If Shani is negative, or if you are going through the 3rd phase of Saade-saati, then use garlic.

Garlic reduces the mental weakness caused by Shani or Ketu.

People who get fits should smell garlic or put drops of garlic juice in their nostril and start inhaling.

If you have seizures, then put crushed garlic on the nostrils - it should immediately have an effect on the seizure.

If you have epilepsy, start taking garlic which is roasted in garlic oil as first aid. Of course, keep taking your medicine regularly too.


It's very beneficial in problems related to the Sun.

Wearing bamboo's root in the neck removes any problems with the father.

Gifting the father a bamboo flute or a "baint" improves love with father.

If you suffer from fevers, then wear the bamboo root in your neck.

Don't burn bamboo in your home.

If you're going to a place where you have to face your enemy, then wear the bamboo root around your upper arm.

If you're in a job/position where people become your enemies very quickly, then do "siddhi" of bamboo root via the Maa bagla-mukhi jap and wear it in a yellow cloth on a Thursday.


If your 10th house in your birth-chart is weak; you don't get love from father; your father doesn't get love from his father; you experience problems from the governmental agencies/ governmental job/governmental problems?

Then take a bit of Jamun root in the Jyestha, Pushya, or Revati nakshatra; give it your respects and wear it on a Sunday in your neck.

Wash the jamun seed and either wear it around any arm or in your neck in a white cloth on a Sunday. This will greatly improve your reputation and even convert your enemies into your friends.

The trees that will prove lucky for you based on your Moon sign: Taking care of these trees, planting them in places where they will flourish, or even gifting the seeds of these to others to plant will prove very beneficial.

Aries: Kuchla, Amla, and Gullar

Taurus: Jamun, Khair, Gullar

Gemini: Khair, Sheesham, Baans (bamboo) - it can bring back good reputation or problems to your father; try not to burn agarbatti, which contains bamboo - as burning a bamboo is especially not good for you

Cancer: bamboo, peepal, and naag-kesar

Leo: naag-kesar, bargad, dhaak

Virgo: dhaak, paakad, reetha

Libra: reetha, bel, arjun

Scorpio: arjun, katai, molshri

Saggitarius: molshri, chid, saal

Capricorn: saal, kathal, jalwaytas

Aquarius: madaar, katamb, chaionkar

Pisces: mango, neem, mahua


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