Life Struggles - Will You Be Rewarded?

July 07, 2014

Are you one of those who are doing a lot of hard work and are generally struggling in life? According to Pawan Sinha ji, if you are going through trying times, you need to take solace in the fact that there will be definite rewards for all the hard-work and pain that you are going through.

Many planets in our horoscopes like to test us out and make sure that we go through really rough times before we can get any good results. This is especially true for kundli/birth-charts that are so called "shrapit" or in other words "cursed". However, if you continue to do some remedies and penance work along with being faithful to God and keeping a positive outlook, then for sure you will see the days when you be happy.

The following is not trying to belittle the problems that previous generations may have faced or that future generations might face, but in general, it can be said that people who were born between 1970 and 1990, are especially prone to problems from Rahu and/or Shani and/or Mars. Hence, there are a lot of people who are in the same boat as you. These planets are by default the kind that will make you literally cry before giving you any positive results, so brace yourself and yet again be reassured by the fact that you will definitely see good times sooner or later.

Coming back to the previously made point about "shrapit" kundli. To see this on your palm, look for the following signs:

  • fingers are very long and crooked
  • fingers are short and bend backwards
  • fingers are somewhat curled and there's a big ditch in the center of the palm
  • the mount of upper Mars and Moon is very flat (not raised at all)
  • the area right above the wrist in the middle is very raised
  • the thumb has many lines that are cutting each other and there are a lot of lines on the mount of Venus

All of the above signs show a lot of struggles in life and these struggles can be in relationships, in buying property, getting a job, earning money, or anything else you may want to do....

To get rid of the negative effects, it's important to keep doing remedies such as meditation, yagya (havan/homam), holy baths, etc. After one continues to do them, the effects will gradually - not immediately - start to dissipate.

Remedies:  These remedies will slowly reduce your struggle period and will eventually make the bad times go away.

  1. Make sure you do not let your hair and/or beard grow in an unruly manner. If you do want them long, make sure they look well kept. 
  2. Apply sandalwood perfume regularly.
  3. Establish "kalash" in your home.  If you can afford it, then take a big brass kalash (about 15cm in diameter), fill it up with water and place a coconut in it. Worship it when possible, but make sure you keep it clean everyday. If you can't afford this, then just put a coconut in an earthen pot and worship it.
  4. Meditate and chant mantras about your isht dev everyday. 
  5. Donate whole urad dal 
  6. Do not wear anything torn or dirty - especially torn shoes, socks, and any under-garments.
  7. Interestingly, your sweat becomes very smelly during the struggle period, so start taking a bath in the morning and evening. Do add peepal, arjun, or bel leaves in the bath water along with a piece of turmeric root. Let these soak in the water for at least 30 minutes before taking a bath. 
  8. Don't disrespect/hurt anything in nature - don't waste water, wheat, salt, don't leave food in your plate, don't do any harm to anyone or any animal. 
  9. If you're noticing increased quarrels/fights in your home, check whether there's any water leaking/or somehow going to someone else's home; as when this happens your home can never be happy. The water can be going to others' home even in the following forms: you watering the plants and the water dropping to someone else's home; or wet clothes that may be dripping water into someone else's home or even when there's moisture from your home going into someone else's home. All of these may or may not disturb your neighbor, but they will surely have a negative effect on you.
  10. Try to do as much as you can for your parents, guru, and the elderly regularly. Don't think that you will get the results immediately after doing the service once. Anything you do must be done regularly and that too whole-heartedly for there to be any positive effects on you. Only when these conditions are met do you start getting rid of your ishwar-rin, guru-rin, pitra-rin, and the societal-rin and hence can get over your struggling period.


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