Learn about your future from your head/face

April 03, 2010

Our bodies tell a lot about our coming future, we just need to be more aware and see the clues that can help us understand what's really going on.


When anyone's tongue's corners from the side are black/dark blue, then this means that the coming future will bring a lot of struggles.

The more pinkish the tongue, the better the fortune in your future.

Teeth: If all the teeth are kind of the same size, they don't go one on top of the other, and there's not much space between the teeth, then this shows the person will get a lot of prestige in his life. They don't see too many failures or struggles in life and by the age of 23-24 they settle well into their life's path.


If without any hair treatment, the hair is soft and silky; the hair in the top of the head is quite dense and the forehead shows wide enough (about 4 fingers width), then this also shows a person who is fortunate. This means that whatever they strive for, they will get it. From the age of 24 years, they should start succeeding in life, if they're spiritual.

Straight hair is considered better than curly hair in astrology.

If the hair is becoming rough and thick then this shows that you'll have to do a lot of hardwork and struggles.


A straight and narrow nose is more fortunate (less hardwork and struggles) than someone with a thicker nose as it denotes more hard work and struggles.

EAR: Long ears show hardwork and struggles, but such person will have a lot of intelligence in their own line of work (they may be known nationally/internationally). Peole whose ears are outwards (sticking out from the head), they may give some good direction to society or to people who come in contact with them. They are very inventive.

Small ears denote a clever person. If the lower portion of the ears is hanging a bit, then these people are very fortunate, practical, social, and settle in life quite easily.


If the eyes have some brightness to them, then the person will surely get success, even if they have to struggle a lot.

People with puffy eyes need to be extra careful about their health and they will start getting success after the age of 28.

People who don't bat their eyelashes enough havo go through more struggles in their life.

Bulging eyes denote problems with hormones and they are good professinally but socially they may not be so good. They should avoid tall talks, but they start settling at the age of 22-23.

People whose eyebrows meet are reputed due to their wise thinking. They may succeed in finance. If their nose is long, then they are considered very lucky and they get a good name and standing in their family. They achieve something on their own away from their family.


pramesh - 4 years ago 
agar kaam par til ho to kya hota hai

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