Jupiter's influence on you from 10th July onwards

May 25, 2013

Jupiter's negative influence on political leaders, relationship, and spiritual well being of people will finally stop. There will be changes in the publich and youth - they'll be more self-confident.

If Jupiter is not balanced in your kundali, then it causes a lot of struggles in one's life.

People whose Moon and Jupiter are generally good in their kundali, they understand and achieve their life goals faster. Other planets don't give these as easily.

People whose Jupiter is in their kundali's 1st, 4th, 5th, 9th, or 10th house and is debilitated (neech ka, vakr, or asth) or influenced by Rahu - they have to struggle a lot. An if Jupiter in these houses (1st, 4th, 5th, 9th, or 10th) and is not debilitated, then this Jupiter gives things easily in life as the life path is clear.

People whose Jupiter is debilitated should live their lives with morals and values, then they can live their life fully.

Many people think that if they adopt the path of morality, then they have to forego many things in life. However, this is not the case, as there may be some "tests" given to you by God, but once you pass these testing times, then you will definitely get everything you desire, even if your kundali is not so good.

It is true that Jupiter does not give you much easily, but it does increase your knowledge and laziness. So, if Jupiter is giving you knowledge, repute, and good fortune, then you need to work hard to make sure your weight does not increse too much and that you do not get too lazy. Jupiter will also increase cough and gasitic movements (vayu) in the body.

Even when Jupiter is with Sun, Moon, or Mars and is not debilitated, then that is also a sign of a positive Jupiter. This is especially true for Aries, Cancer, Leo, Saggitarius, and Scorpio moon signs.

Jupiter is closely related to marriage. A good Jupiter is needed for a timely and good marriage. A good Jupiter also reduces "Mangal Dosh". To get kids too, you need a good Jupiter. People who want to marry their partner of choice also need to have a strong Jupiter.


Aries: good for your health and family; it will improve your work life too; people who want to start new work/job will also be helped by Jupiter. It will also effect your children and reputation benefically.

Taurus: Your lungs, kidney, and heart problems will improve, but you still need to take care of your stomach until June 2014. Family life will depend on Mars. Good for your job and you may increase your status (through promotion at work from Jan 2014 till May 2014). Especially good for people who deal in gold, silver, property, wheat, education, and religion. Improve relations with father as he may have a say in your good fate. Take care of your stomach and back, which may be negatively effected.

Gemini: Back and neck issues will improve. Beneficial for people who didn't know the cause of their illnessesk, felat weakness in their mind or self confidence. December 2013 to January 2014 may not be good family life otherwise its fine. You need to take care of your elders. Your children may be settled nicely or you will get kids. If your work wasn't going well, then there will be improvements. People dealing with chemicals, big industry, or media will get good benefits. People who've been wanting to go out of India will be able to do so by Nov. 2013. People in purely honest religious or social activities will have to struggle less. Watch what you say as you may say something inappropriate to your family members or at workplace. You may also give rise to new enemies because of this.

Cancer: you won't get any help in getting healthier. Be careful about problems related to blood, head, eyes, stomach, and neck. Only leading a good disciplined life will help you stay from these diseases. If you're married, then try to maintain good relations with your in-laws or there may be problems. Take care of your elders. Help your kids with their studies. You may suddenly get some wealth, but you will have to work hard. Students and people who deal with the earth will also have good benefits. Don't let you emotions influence your work otherwise you may lose some good opportunity.

Leo: your mind will feel stronger. You will feel better in bone related problems but you may have increased problems with your stomach and organs below your belly button (especially women). There's a chance of you begetting a child after 15th January to June 2014 if you're trying. Family life will approve. Peple who want to get married to their lovers, will get help in getting married. An elder member of your family will help bring about peace and good fortune in the family. Businessman will succeed in new work or stalled projects. People in stock market can get gain.

Virgo: be careful about your stomach, fat in the body, and laziness or you may face obstacles in your fortune and opportunities. Your family size may increase. Lovers need to be careful if your Mars and Shani aren't positive. You need to work hard at maintaining peace in the family - your siblings will benefit from your efforts. You may face problems from your partners in business. Be extra careful about your paperwork. People who may have promised you work, may not be true to their word, but be patient and do not spoil your relations with anyone. Verdicts on pending legal cases related to work may finally come through. Your debts may also get cleared. Someone who is very dear/special to you may stop talking to you forever, so try to avoid this from happening by keeping your ego in check.

Libra: your cough and headaches may increase. People who are tense or going through depression may find ways to improve their problems. Family life will be good. People who weren't able to beget a child may find a way to overcome their issues. There may be some obstacles in your family getting extended for which you need to do some remedies. Ways to get wealth will increase; your decisions will turn out to be correct. People who deal with eart, farming, stock market or wheat will get good results. People who deal in medicine and chemicals needs to be careful. People who deal with work related to export will get good results. Travellers need to be careful of their belongings and themselves, this is not applicable to people who're travelling for professional reasons (export/import). Your enemies may increase so be very careful in regards to your enemies.

Scorpio: People who suffer from cough, blood presure, fever, and hormonal disbalance need to extra careful. People who have problems related to breath, heart disease, and mental peace can feel improvements in their symptoms. Your elder siblings may be in trouble or they may be disappointed by you, but by in large love in the family will increase. If you have in-laws, then you will get good news from them. There may also be an increase in family members. Workwise, there may be some more opportunities opening up for you if you take good decisions. There may also be good benefits in work related to foreign places and finance. You will make new friends but your relations with older friends may weaken so take care.

Saggitarius: You will feel yourself to be healthy. Your mind will be good. It will be good if you had more control of what you're saying (your speech). Your fear of getting diseases related to the mouth and stomach will lessen. The time from Jan to May 2014 is good so focus well on your work and work hard. Family and love in family may increase in size. There may be a partnership with someone in the family. Your fortune will increase so work-wise it will be good for you. People whose work relates to education or machines will benefit greatly. Be careful while driving. Also, people who have problems with blood need to be careful.

Capricorn: Careful of problems related to cough. Stomach, urine, and intestinal problems will improve. Your family can be a cause of your progress. So people who have good support of family can progress. Friends will support you alot. People who have jobs will benefit.Businessmen need to be very careful. People dealing in finance and foreign related work will greatly benefit. Don't make any enemies or you can get into great difficulties. It's better if you don't give credit to anyone.

Aquarius: You have to be very careful towards your health. Your throat, stomach, feet, arms, hormones and neck can be cause of problem. There are signs of increase in family, but you may have to go away from home. People related to education, machine, finance, and executive work may benefit. Stalled projects of businessman may restart, but there will be a lot of hard work involved. Nevertheless, you will succeed. Be very careful of your health or it may hinder your work.    

Pisces: Careful of your head, eyes, and stomach. Everything else will be fine healthwise. Work to maintain peace in family. Workwise things are fine, but don't go ahead with anything without advise from experts or elders as you may lose your money. Partnership that lasts only 1 year may be beneficial. You may win over your enemies.


Never lie or be a dishonest witness.

Always care for "saadhu"/holy man  "sant"/saint or "peepal" tree. If due to your mistake you ever end up disrespecting "saadhu"/holy man  "sant"/saint or "peepal" tree then Jupiter will not give you positive results.

Wear a turmeric yellow colored thread in your right hand.

Do Gurud Puraan Paath.

Do "kesar"/saffron tilak.

Always keep your nose clean.

Gift some gold gift to mother.

Wear a gold chain around your neck when you feel Jupiter is giving negative results.

Donate books and wheat.


Deeksha - 4 years ago 
Sir, is there a planet which is associated with eyes related disorders like myopia? If yes, then is there any remedy for that?
Babu - 4 years ago 
Visit Velleswrar temple in Managadu near Chennai

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