Is your child blackmailing you?

October 09, 2013

Many children start making deals such as "If I clean this, will you let me do that?" or "I will start studying once you give me some sweets". Children learn to blackmail at a young age, so this habit needs to be kept in check - especially if the child is emotionally blackmailing you.

Although children should be rewarded for their good efforts and achievements, you should not succumb to their conditions.

Cause: Pampering

A child learns very quickly from the environment around him. If parents give the child a treat and then ask him to do something after making him happy, the child understands that the parents ask him to do something after they give him some treat/reward. This teaches the child that he can make the parents give him anything by using his parents' weakness of feeling guilty. For instance, the parents start giving too many chocolates to the child in order to compensate for the lack of time they are able to give him.

The only child is most vulnerable to being a blackmailer as he/she sees that his parents agree to everything that he wants. A pampered child becomes emotionally and physically weak.

If the main planet is weak or it becomes retrograde, then either the child will become weaker or it will make the child very stubborn and give him a tendency to blackmail.

Mercury and Ketu make the child clever if they are good. If these planets are negative, they cause him to use that cleverness for selfish needs.

Sometimes, children become very stubborn when their parents start becoming strict with them. This is a bigger problem for children who are of 18 - 20 years old as the mind turns negative when they become stubborn. Such children are unable to keep focused and keep changing their line of work/thought process.


  • Tie Ashwagand root in a gray thread and have him wear it in the neck.
  • Do a haldi/turmeric tilak on the forehead every morning. It's best if you mix this with saffron. Put a bit of this on the tongue too. This remedy will bring about tenderness in the chld too. 
  • Remedies for Moon also need to be done as the problems are related to the mind - have the child wear a silver chain or bracelet. 
  • Such children should always take part in "satsang" from an early age - it will improve your Jupiter and make you calm and patient. It will make you focused and give you positive cleverness.
  • It will take a long time for the remedies to show results, so be patient.
  • Parents need to spend quality time with the children, explain why they need to be away from them; set targets and appropriate rewardsfor the children - but do not give rewards before something is done.
  • Also, if the child tells lies - check if the lower part of the palm (next to the wrist) is raised, if so, such children have a tendency to lie, then make sure the child takes care of a cow/guru/temple which will improve his Jupiter and quieten down Ketu and Mercury.


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