Improve Relations With Neighbors

November 29, 2013

Our neighborhood and specifically our neighbors have an effect on our fate as well as our health and emotional well being.

Some people are lucky and are able to live in a neighborhood where everyone lives in harmony. However, others keep getting all sorts of problems including deception from their negihbors.

The people who have problems with their neighbors, will generally involve people whose Rahu is not positive. For instance, if a child's Rahu is negative, then only the child will have problems from his neighbors and not the parents or any other sibling.

Remedies to reduce the problems from neighbors due to a negative Rahu: 

Keep some fish in an aquarium in the South side of your home

Put some red lentils (red masoor) in an earthen pot, add some roli and rice to it. Take this pot all around your home and then bury this in some secluded area after sunset. Also, while you do this remedy, ask God to help you improve relations with your neighbors and that no harm is done to either one of you. Do this for 11 Tuesdays.

It's also beneficial to wear Gomed in a silver pendant on a Saturday.

Sometimes, one can also donate oil on Saturdays.

Offer sherbet to the Peepal tree's roots after sunset.

Do chants for Ma Baglamukhi or Ma Kaali if the neighborhood is dangerous and you sense some grave danger from your neighbors.

Put some yellow sarson/mustard seeds wrapped in a yellow cloth in the corners of the home.

Keep some holy basil/tulsi or a sunflower in your home - this will reduce the problems from your neighbors.


Kirtida - 1 year ago 
This remedy is for bad rahu..What about general remedy to quiet noisy and abusive neighbours

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