How to Make Ketu Positive

July 15, 2014

Ketu is responsible for developing one's intuition and is not as negative as Rahu.

Positive effects: 

- makes one virtuous and spiritually intelligent

- student whose Ketu is good can usually known what is in the book without actually reading the book, but just by skimming through it. They can talk and write about a given subject without reading much.

- a good Ketu maintains the knowledge learned in previous births - for instance, some people take good business decisions despite not having gone to any business school - or in many cases in India not having gone to any school

Bad effects:

 - such children aren't able to study with concentration despite sitting in front of the book and reading every word out loud

- makes one lost in imagination and unable to focus on a given work.

Effects of Ketu in different houses of the birth chart:

When Ketu affects the 2nd house, it will make the person imaginative in terms of earning a lot of money and fame, but the person will actually not do anything to achieve these. This is a sign that these people may get very frustrated and depressed between the ages of 30 and 42.

When ketu affects the 4th house, it will make one very negative. The person will have a very nervous disposition and may fail in tasks or exams due to this nervousness.

When Ketu affects the 5th house, a student will do anything and everything, but be a student despite having a sharp brain. He will spend time with friends, extra-curricular activities, trying to impress the opposite sex, etc.

When Ketu affects the 7th house and there is another planet there along with it, then it will create problems in relation to that other planet. For example, if it's with Sun or Moon, it will make the person over-confident; if it's with Mars, it will cause immense anger issues in the individual; if it's there with Mercury, it will make them too clever; if with Jupiter, it will cause immense arrogance - bad relations with seniors, teachers, and bosses; if with Venus, it will make the  person astray; if with Shani, it will make the person extremely lazy. Basically, the negative effects create unnecessary illusions in one's mind, which makes them act in the manner mentioned.

Remedies to make Ketu positive: 

  • As people with a negative Ketu look for shortcuts in life, one needs to remember to forget about taking any shortcuts - there are no shortcuts to success in life. It's a process. Ketu can make it seem like you can quickly achieve a lot of things, only to realize that the chosen path does not exist in reality, which causes one to be feel very low and unable to rise up again. 
  • Kesar/saffron is a good remedy for Ketu - eat it, apply it as a tilak mixed with raw milk, drink it, use it anyway you can.
  • Ketu resides in dogs, so as a remedy people should take care of dogs. It is preferable if one takes care of street dogs, as you are doing double the work by taking care of another life while doing a remedy for Ketu.
  • If Ketu is very bad, then start wearing anything made of gold - if wearing a pendant, the thread can be yellow or gray.
  • It's important to be spiritual to get good results from Ketu.
  • To stop Ketu's disturbance, stop wearing any gray colors and use mostly yellows and whites.
  • If Ketu is negative, then don't trust anyone - that's ANYONE, regarldess of their relationship with you as there's a very high chance of you getting deceived by people who are close to you. It's usually people in the friend circle, but why take the chance. :-)
  • Also, a negative Ketu can create problems in study due to friends. So, learn to say no to friend when deciding whether to study or go out with friends.
  • If Ketu is causing one a lot of anxiety, then it's important to wear a silver bracelet, donate sugar (khaand), give treats made of jaggery and/or items that grow under-ground (groundnuts with jaggery is a good option) to your friends from time to time - this is because a negative Ketu does not let one have good friends easily.

Use the Ketu planet's mantra to become more spiritual in nature and get the benefits of this mysterious shadow planet. Learn the correct pronunciation in the video below and possibly use it as a background to your initial meditation to keep you focused.


Brij - 5 years ago 
It is good . BM VERMA
Reply By: - 4 years ago 
very ipressive
neha - 4 years ago 
great knowledge
Kuldeep - 4 years ago 
My ketu in 2nd house. Its affecting my job. Please advise remedy. My bod is 28 dec 1961 in kuala lumpur , malaysia
SWATI - 4 years ago 
I don't know in which house Ketu is, but I lost my husband. Now my son is with me. But all the time I m in fear for my son.
Reply By: - 4 years ago 
Swathi you didn't mention which mahadasha you are passing through. If you are passing through ketu mahadasha then it will be for seven years. Try to be as spiritual as possible and the effect of ketu will give you good benefits. Check your son's birth chart and don't worry every thing will be fine.
Nanda - 4 years ago 
Nandakumar. How many times to recite the mantra.
Gautam - 4 years ago 
I need your suggestion
Devi - 4 years ago 
Sourav - 4 years ago 
Katu ne mujhe bohot buri terha se dhoya... loss some lakhs in business and my marriage date closer, , dont know it will happen or cancel...
KINGH - 4 years ago 
I jave shani maha dasha and ketu antardasha, and ketu is in 4house its causing trouble, please van u tell me that is it good to recite ketu mantra at home pooja ghar?
Anami - 4 years ago 
Hi my Dob 10.01.1993 it's affecting my marriage, when I will get married & how will be my life
Moon - 4 years ago 
I'm losing all my hair I don't use chemicals and apparently I have good health and good nutrition I read that for this case I need to take care of a black dog Ketu in Capricorn at House 11 Please help me
Anisa - 3 years ago 
My ketu is in 10th house
Kanaka - 3 years ago 
Moon mahadasa with ketu antardasha.. Moon in cancer 11th house and ketu in capricorn 5th house. Any remedies to be done?
Ajay - 3 years ago 
My ketu is in 7th house and date of birth is 24/11/1976, constantly I'm facing financial problems and still it's going on, when will things become stable for me.
Soumya - 3 years ago 
In my lagna kundali, ketu is with guru in 11 the house from lagna. Born in mithuna lagna. May I know its effects?
Priti - 3 years ago 
My ketu is in the 7th house. My date of birth is 24 .03.1977. Time 20.02 hrs. I am a female who is now divorced. Am extremely worried about my future.
V - 3 years ago 
In which hand to wear silver bracelet as mentioned above, I'm a female
Anonymous - 3 years ago 
I am a student passing through ketu mahadasha....since 25 March 2019 and I am prepared for it till March 2026, I even do remedies like giving Bajra to pigeon every morning but still I am very much disturbed regarding 12 th boards and jee 2021 ....what to do to get minimum loss from ketu in studies ,....please reply
MONIKA - 3 years ago 
My daughter is very disturbed for the last 1 month. She has a lot of anxiety also. Her birth date is 20th September 1995 at 7.05 pm. Is this because of ketu ? And what remedy can be done for mental peace... plz reply
Shubhangi - 3 years ago 
Hello everybody, the best remedy for ketu is meditation...Also if you light a diya under a peepal tree in the evening will give you amazing result....ketu makes a person spiritual,inculcates discipline in one's life...we have to remember one thing that we have to control ketu not vice versa.. ketu teaches you detachment let us take ketu mahadasha fo be the most wonderful dasha and dont at all get panic is said that if we do naam jap daily ..we can change the bad effects caused by planets...let us use our the end planets cannot be more powerful than GOD...
laxmi - 3 years ago 
I am going to marry a person who having ketu dasha from 2022 to next 7 years but some people are telling noworry about that but some people telling that don't get marry but I am loving him I want to marry him only his date of birth is name saisuryakiran,25.12.1990, timings 4:00 am Mine is 05.10.1994 timings 5:20pm please give me any suggestions
Vikram - 3 years ago 
My date of birth is 14 April 1986 and my ketu is in 7th house and there is no any other planets with ketu
Shailender - 2 years ago 
I am Scorpio ascendant running sun mahadasha, sun And ketu conjunction in 2nd house. Should I get married or drop it as I am running 38 and land in debt which cause lot of financial unstablity despite good earning and being a Scorpio I have world most beautiful girlfriend in relationships for last 10 years. Scorpio never give up mind set will work here or not..?
Shailender - 2 years ago 
This is the best article about ketu I have came across very precise and on target real time pridiction about ketu as I am in astrology for last 5 years and never so clear aspect of ketu behaviour. Thumbs up
Muhammad - 2 years ago 
My name is Muhammad muqqrab Hussain 16/4/1989 Time midnight 3.30 around Can help me
Jeetu - 2 years ago 
I have ketu in2house with budh and rahu in8 Kindly advice Ame as I don't have peace and struggle for success despite hard work Venus and sun in 3 Jupiter in1 Saturn in12 Moon in5 Mangal in 4
Frank - 1 year ago 
My name is frank Adom from Ghana. My date of birth is 6/6/1982 . But please it's unfortunate I don't know the hour i was born. Please I need your help .

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