How to increase your wealth on Diwali

November 02, 2013

Use this Diwali to increase your weatlh.

Although every individual has his own set of planets that are responsible for wealth. In general, there are a couple of planets that can be made stronger to increase your money flow.

Venus: take a "kamalgatta" bead which has 108 seeds in it and do the mantra "om hrim namaha" for 108 times. Do this at night. Also do ratrisukt paath at night.

- Light an evening candle at your doorstep and then donate some black lentils and sesame seeds to the poor before having your own dinner.

- On "chaudas" and "amavasya", make some rice pudding (kheer) or "rabri", make this after 8:30pm and then donate it the next day. It's good for people where although the money is coming in, there's not much prosperity.

- Do Shri Krishna's prayers today for sure. This is especially important for people whose money has either been stolen or been taken by somebody and it's hard to get the money back. Offer some sesame seeds, sweets made of milk, some "mishri" and some white "makhan" - fluffy churned butter. Do the mantra of "om kling krishnaaya namaha" or Gita paath after this. Then donate the above things as "prasaad" to people.


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