How to improve planets with the help of perfumes?

September 11, 2013

Every person has a certain natural smell, based on which a good astrologer can tell about the future of the person. A nice smell tells about the positive future or capabilities of the person, while a bad smell foretells bad luck and incapabilities. If you start applying perfume based on your mukhya graha/main planet, then that helps improve the effects of the main planet.

General notes:

  • Fragrances/oils should be pure.
  • People who want to improve the Sun should wear perfume in the day.
  • People who want to imrpove their Moon and Venu should apply perfume in the night.
  • Some people like mild fragrances and prefer them instead of the stronger scents, this shows that their Moon and Jupiter are in good positions.
  • Also note that people who do great work - people who sacrifice themselves for the nation or some social work will have some herbal smell emanating from them naturally.

Tulsi fragrance or white sandalwood fragance helps make your Sun stronger.

Bela is the fragrance for improving Moon. If you have white sandalwood powder, add 2-3 drops of bela fragrance and use it as a tilak on your forehead (aagyakaari chakra).

For Mars, jasmine fragrance helps you improve your tendency towards your work and gives confidence.

For Mercury, applying fragrance of "khas" is best. Or you can add at of "khas" fragrance to "amla" powder and apply it on your "vishuddhi chakra"/throat or apply it as a tilak on your forehead (aagyakaari chakra).

For Jupiter, the "hawan saamagri" smell is the best. It has "jatamaasi" and "googul", so the fragrances of these are the ideal ones. Alternatively, "zafraani" perfume or fragrance of saffron. This is also helpful for people who feel dull, don't like to work or study. It should invigorate you to get going.

Venus - if your Venus is good, your body will naturally have some nice smell. The rose smell is the best for Venus.

Shani - whenever Shani is bad, apply sandalwood fragrance or put a few drops of sandalwood oil in your bathing water.


Rika - 1 year ago 
I was told that Venus is in my 10th house and that brings me no end of challenges in my career, what fragrance will you recommend for this
Reply By: - 1 year ago 
Donate perfumes
Namrata - 1 year ago 
My venus and mercury in 12 th house in Aries asendent...why i do not like perfumes.....
V - 3 months ago 
How do we know our body is emanating good smell or fragrance naturally.

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