How to help people who can't or won't pray

September 28, 2013

If someone you know does not worship, or do any prayers, should it be understood that it's tough luck for that person and that person can never improve his/her situation?

You need to explain the scientific reasons for why they should do prayer or at least meditation, which is the only thing they may comprehend as they may disregard worshipping as superstitious.

- People who do prayer and meditation improve  the functioning of their frontal lobes and can take better decisions in life. Also, such people can control his senses and usually, such people have better memory than people who aren't spiritual. Doing puja/worshipping your God in a certain way as its own benefits - it makes your brain waves stronger and improves your magnetism.

Along with the above reasoning, it's important to do the following 5 remedies, which may not give the full benefits of God's grace that may come from proper worship and meditation, but doing these will have at least some positive effect on them:

1. Have a beautiful pendant made which has their God's yantra (not God's picture/image) in it and have them wear it around their neck

2. Tie 5 small rudraaksh beads in a very small thread along with something that represents God

3. Your bed and your pillow are very important for your luck - so place a conch, coconut in a kalash, something made of silver in a plate near the person's pillow while they sleep.

4. Request the person to fix their bed after they get up and only then go about your day. This will make the person more organized and make them feel better. It also improves one's Venus.

5. Take some cow dung cakes and put a bit of ghee and kapoor and light it on fire. Then put jatamaasi, and googul on it. Do it in front of the person so they inhale some of this. Inhaling this will give energy to their brain. This step takes over the "hawan" that the person may have taken part in if they were willing to do puja. Do this a couple of times a day in front of the person.


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