Health and Vaastu

September 12, 2013

Many people, including other members of their family keep getting sick more often than others. 

The main reason for such health issues is due to Vaastu. If any of the 5 elements: earth, water, fire, air, and sky are disturbed in the home it causes illnesses. These should be more or less balanced as they can never be perfectly balanced.

If your home has a too much of the water element - water getting into the walls of the house after rain for example or water gathering in the front or back part of the home, causes people to be sick , be tired, or to be in an irritated mood. If this is the case in your home, then you need to balance it out with the fire element. To do this balancing, burn a candle/do yag next to the Southern side wall of your home.

If there's too much fire - you walk mostly in the Southern direction of your home, then it shows skin, blood, and stomach related problems. To balance the fire in the home, you should take showers numerous times in the home and put a small bowl of water in the Southern wall and plant a few tulsi plants on the Northern side.

A home where people complain a lot or where people have to struggle hard shows that the Earth element is dominating that home. For this keep the mid part of your home clean and pure. If it's a house, you can plant a tulsi  plant. If you live in a flat or home where the planting of the tulsi plant is not possible in the middle, mop the floor with water that has salt in it and eat your food only where it is cooked.

Air also causes a lot of stress, stomach ache, headaches, pain in the throat, pain in eyes, pain in legs, loss of concetration and a feeling agitated all the times show that the air element is weak in the home. To fix this, bring about the Sun's rays from the East. Don't let trash gather in the North East direction of your home, don't keep water or anything to do with fire there, don't put dirty shoes or leather items there either. You should put beautiful artistic things there instead.

If many people in the home suffer from agitation, anger, tiredness, lack of concentration, unusual behavior (like fits, etc...) or depression, then it shows that the home's sky element is not balanced. To fix these issues, keep more plants in the home and do yag everyday. Make sure you use "jatamaasi", "googul", and some sesame seeds along with the "hawan samagri" in the yag.

As soon as you improve the  above 5 elements in your home, it will bring about mental peace along with the relief from illnesses.

To keep these 5 elements balanced, "rudra-abhishek" is considered the best tool. Make sure you learn and do "rudra-abhishek" on every Triyodashi. Doing "hanuman chalisa"or "sundarkaand" paath every Tuesday is an alternative option to the triyodashi ritual or it can be along with it in homes where there's too much illnesses.

Note that homes where a yag is done at least once a week can keep these elements in check and slowly get rid of all illnesses. The yag should be done in the Brahamsthaan (middle of the home).


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