Foreign Travel

December 04, 2013

One of the preconditions to trave abroad is a strong and positive Moon. Along with Moon, Venus is another planet that can make you go to foreign countries.

Rahu-Ketu or Shani create conditions that make you settle abroad. If these planets are strong, then the settlement is permanent.

Signs on the palm that foretell foreign travel:

- If a line from the lower part of the Moon mount leads to your fate line, then it shows that the person will go abroad and will also earn a lot of money there.

- If the life line divides into 2 at the end, it shows that the person will settle abroad and will live there the rest of his life.

- A line originating going upwards from the mount of Moon shows that one will go abroad either after achieving a high position or will achieve a high position after getting abroad.

- If a line from the mount of Moon goes straight towardsy the mount of Venus, it shows that you will get to go abroad without any hurdles. If this line is wavy in the way that it leads to the mount of Venus, then you will get to go after many hurdles and after the age of 32.

- If your fate line originates from the mount of Moon, then it shows that you will go abroad soon for study and also permanently settle abroad, which will prove to be very good for you.

- A line from the mount of Moon originating from the left side of the mount of Moon, then you will go abroad many times, but will not settle there.

- A  line originating from between the mount of Mars and Moon, shows that you will probably deal in export/import business or for study, and you may even have a home abroad. You can even become a permanent resident of a foreign land.

If you do not have any of the above signs on your palm, then don't worry, see the remedies below.

Remedies to Increase Your Chances of Going Abroad:
  • Wearing a sfatik/white crystal bead around your neck on  a Friday will prove beneficial.
  • If you can't wear the bead around your neck, you can wear a 5-6ratti white crystal in a silver ring on your ring finger.
  • Wearing an opal of 5-6ratti in a silver ring on a Monday or Friday in your ring finger will also prove beneficial.
  • Applying saffron on your belly button is another remedy you can do to increase your chance of going abroad.
  • Wear 5 moonstones in your right hand on a Monday if you really want to go abroad
To Make Your Foreign Travel Successful:
  • Bury some silver in the entrance door's frame - it will help the person who has buried the silver as well as everyone else who lives in the house
  • Stop eating salt on Fridays


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