Find Your Main Planet/Mukhya Graha

August 19, 2012

How to find out your main planet/mukhya graha:

The first 'bhav's' lord in the horoscope is the main planet.

If the main planet is good and the other planets aren't, then the person's thoughts and personality will be positive, which will help the person get out of any bad situations. Also, the the successes will be long-lasting.

If the main planet is not good, but the other planets are, there will be hurdles and short-lived success. So, it's very important to make sure that the main planet is yielding positive results. One should also make sure that the main planet is strong and powerful throughout life. So we've mentioned some remedies below too.

If the first house has:

1 - Person is ruled by Mars

You'll need to explain things with love - not with anger. This way they'll understand better.
The person is usually good at handling responsibility and you should give them responsiblity gradually.
They can become lazy and depressive for no reason if Mars isn't positive for them.

2 - Person is ruled by Venus.

They're stubborn and creative, but don't like instructions or too much discipline.
They like to take responsibilities.
They like to travel, which can be problematic so it needs to be curtailed with love.
Their bodies can be weak so they should be given nutritious food.

3 - Person is ruled by Mercury.

They're very wise people
They can have too much confidence if Mercury is too strong.
They can be hyperactive.
These people have a need to be childish to keep them happy
If Mercury is negative, here may be problems related to memory.

4 - Person is ruled by Moon.

These people need to be very careful as they are very emotional.
They are very imaginative.
If Moon is positive, then they'll have a well-balanced personality.
They should have a good friends' circle.
They shouldn't be allowed to sleep till late as that will cause emotional issues.

5 - Person is ruled by Sun.

They can have too much confidence if Sun is strong.
They can be quarrelsome.
They can have backache, bone problems, or problems with father if Sun is negative.
If Sun is positive, they can attain fame, government job or government help
Also, they will have a good body.

6 - Person is ruled by Mercury.

Such people are good in finace and studies in general.
They will want things for themselves mostly (selfish).
If Mercury effects are negative, then they'll be: indecisive, unable to talk well, and have low self confidence.
These peole should try not to take things too seriously.
They should look after cows.
Give gifts to sisters.

7 - Person is ruled by Venus.

This person will steer towards the art.
They are very creative.
They're generally not interested in the field of science.
They should beware of cold related illnesses.

8 - Person is ruled by Mars.

Such people are the backbones of their families.
They have to struggle from the age of 15-16, but they're capable of the sort of struggle they undergo.
They should make thier Mars strong to avoid lifelong struggle.

9 - Person is ruled by Jupiter.

They should study or not skip schooling.
Everything is generally fine.
They need creativity and a good atmosphere to flourish.
They have a successful family life.
They should have good friends otherwise, they'll be lonely.

10 - Person is ruled by Saturn.

They're brilliant people.
If they're not honest, they can turn out to be big cheats.
They should not eat cold or bitter things.
They may have back or leg pain if Saturn isn't good.

11 - Person is ruled by Saturn.

This incidence of Saturn's ruling has a calming effect.
Person can become a researcher or actor.
If Saturn isn't good, they can become lazy and just waste time unnecessarily.

12 - Person is ruled by Jupiter

These invidividuals have to struggle from the age of 18 to 26 years.
They should have a guru.
They may need to practice speaking properly if their Jupiter isn't good.
They should take part in 'satsang' or religious get-togethers.

Remedies for each planet if negative:

Moon: Pray to Shiva or to Durga- do mantra "om shram shrim shrom sah chandramasay namaha". Eat juicy fruits and "chhaina" as much as possible". Wear silver in the little finger.

Sun: To make the Sun positive, then meditate or at least stand in front of the rising sun. The mantra to do is the gayatri mantra as much as possible. One can also wear the "bel" tree's root. Wearing copper will also help.

Mars: Pray to Hanuman ji or Shiva. Do the mantra "om kraam krim krom sah bhomaaya namah" or "om han(g) hanmantaaya namaha". Eat red chillies. Wear copper in the ring finger or wear a copper bracelet.

Venus: A person with Venus as the main planet seeks opulence and even gets it if Venus is positive. Pray to Durga or any form of Durga. Do Durga Saptashati/ "om shum shukraaya namaha"/ argala strotra. Wear "sarpokha root in white thread around the neck on a Friday. Wear silver in the thumb (ideally) or in the ring finger for some people.

Mercury: Pray to Ganesha or any form of Durga. Do one of the mantras "om bum budhaaya namaha"/ Ganesha chalisa/ "om gan ganpataay namaha". Eat green chillies or green vegetables. Wear the "kaner" tree's root in a green thread on Wednesday will also be beneficial. Wear a copper ring either in the little finger or the ring finger (better option). A copper bracelet can also be worn in the left hand.

Jupiter: Pray to any form of Vishnu or any form of Narayan. Do one of the following mantras: "om naraayan namo namaha"/ "om gram grim grom sah guruve namaha"/ " ram ram ram...."/Gopal naam stotra. Wearing turmeric/ doing tilak of kesar/ eating haldi and turmerci - all are good remedies for Jupiter. Wear gold in the index finger. When Jupiter is strong then no other planet dare cause any problems to you.

Saturn/Shani: Don't be afraid if this is the main planet. It can make one a good industrialist/officer in army/ journalist/ film star/ politician/ big officer in the police force/ or a lawyer. Pray to Hanuman ji. Do one these mantra "om han(g) hanumantaaya namaha"/ "om sham shanischaraaya namaha"/ "om pram prim prom sah shaneh namaha"/ reading any stotra or chalisa will also be helpful. Offer raw milk or mustard oil to the peeapl tree's trunk. You can even use the peepal tree's leaves in your bath sometimes. Wearing an iron ring which is not fully round - it should have a gap in it - in the middle finger will help. If you want an iron bracelet can also be worn in either hand's wrist. These should be worn a little before sunrise on a Saturday.


Priyadarshini - 4 years ago 
Hi, Who can wear a Navagrah Jadi?
Ab - 4 years ago 
How to find it mukhya graha
waqas - 4 years ago 
at one side for mars you said beware of red and on other side you wear copper which is also reddish color, I dont understand, can u explain please?

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