Feeling Low in Winter?

November 22, 2013

Many people feel more anxious during the winters. Why is this so and what can you do to reduce such feelings?


In winters, people whose Sun and Mars are weak will experience more problems, feel more anxious, lazy, feel like sleeping more, will feel some kind of suffocation, won't feel like doing any work, and will feel dull at all times. Such people feel depressed as they don't have much of internal energy. So when the external energy (of the Sun) goes down, their energy levels also drop.

  • start drinking from a copper vessel during the winters (remedy for Mars)
  • give water to the Sun by facing the East even if there's no Sun visible
  • don't wake up too late and don't go to sleep too early - the duration of your sleep should be what it had been in the summers
  • do Suryanamaskar - yoga exercise, but only if your heart is not weak.
  • do Pranayam exercises: anulom-vilom, and raychak-poorak-kumbak, and ujjayi pranayam
  • if you can , do gayatri yag in the morning and evening - this will bring about more energy in the body
  • drink at least 3l of water in a day - regardlless of whether you're thirsty or not


Rahul - 4 years ago 
Thankyou very much for the remedies as I feel like dying in winters

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