Do You Have a Guru?

November 20, 2013

Every person has a great source of energy in him, but many of us don't have the self-realization to see these energies. As a result, we don't ever figure out our hidden talents and how we can succeed in our goals and get closer to God by making use of them. A Guru is someone who has already achieved realization and helps others bring about awareness in them about their own boundless energies.

Who does not get the help of a good guru?

If your Sun, Moon, or Jupiter are weak, then you may not be able to find a good guru. And even if you somehow do find a good guru, then some kind of dosh will develop in you which will cause their to be frictions between you and your guru.

If your main planet is weak, negative, or vakri, then too you may not be able to get a good guru.

If your Jupiter is vakri, then too you will not get support from a guru. For instance, this may have an effect on you wherby you don't respect your teachers/guru and hence your teachers may not be able to help you much.

How to get a good guru?

Start thinking about what you want to achieve in life - think spiritually about this. For instance, you may want a lot of money, fame, houses, cars, etc..but also think of what you'll do for humanity in your life time. So, look at your expectations - find the person who has those traits and can help you achieve your goals - then let yourself be guided by that guru. Concentrate on the positive traits of the person even if the person has some negative traits. Remember that no one person in this world has just good qualities in them.

Remedies to improve your chances of getting a good guru:
  • Always respect the elderly, experts, and teachers.  
  • Never talk about or show their faults to others.
  • Don't try to irritate them.
  • Give respect and care for cows and temples.

To get a guru, start making your Jupiter happy with devoted meditation on the Guru mantra mentioned in the video below:


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