Dark spots and important lines on the palm

March 24, 2014

Dark spots on the palm (not moles):

If  your mount of Mercury is developing some dark spots, then it shows Pitta issues in the body.

If the dark spots are on the upper Mars mount (below the mount of Mercury), it shows excess Kapha in the body.

If you feel very sweaty and hot during the summers, then you may want to consider drinking amla juice first thing in the morning.

Dark spots on the mount of Sun show problems related to Sun. You need to start taking amla churna with honey after your meals. Alternatively, you can mix a bit of amla powder in a cup of water at night, which you can drink in the morning.

If you have a lot of acidity and you notice some bad effects on your skin then you should take medical advice for sure, but also start eating some organic aloe vera for a better looking skin.

If your palm becomes very shiny, and your palm becomes very sweaty and cold, then start taking tulsi "ark" or cook tulsi leaves (about 3-4 leaves) in about a glass of water and when the water has reduced to about a cup in quantity wait for it to cool down a bit before drinking it. This will prevent stomach infections. Apart from taking tulsi, you can also wear "kanair" tree's roots in a white thread around your neck, which will help any work you do regarding your future.

Important Lines:

The division of the fate line (going towards the middle finger) into 3 parts shows that your decisions will prove wrong. You may even take decisions that you won't be able to carry out due to confusions in your own mind. If you have this line: start meditating, maintain a diary, stick to your decisions unless you see some negative effects or see some kind results.

If your thumb has some straight lines which are being slightly cut off by horizontal lines, then it shows that you may not have real/true girlfriend or boyfriend or even just friends. This even shows that you may suffer a blow to your reputation at least twice in life due to the bad company. Remedies: don't talk too much and only do so after considering the pros and cons of what you're about to say; make sure you get to the know the person fully well before confiding in the someone.

If you have some/a small line making half a moon on the mount of Moon, it shows that you have to work hard to succeed as you will have a hard time trusting anyone.


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