Caesarean or normal delivery

July 28, 2013

Many people are going for caesarean nowadays even when it's not needed. Here are a few details on astrological views on this.

Kids Born Through Caesarean Section:

Caesarean kids will have problems from Moon and Jupiter throughout their lives.

They may have too much phlegm, the kids will be hyper-active, pain in backbone, weak left eye, problem in liver, weak stomach, disturbed mentality

Kids Born Through Normal Delivery:

Are healthier, mentally more stable, stomach is strong.

Prepare 6-8 months before conception to prevent any problems to the child after birth.

How to tell what kind of delivery you will have:

If in Leo (in your birth chart), you have Rahu, Ketu, or Shani, or Mars or Venus, then that woman may have problems in giving birth and will need to opt for caesarean.

If the 5th bhaav is not good in kundali or in Navaansh, and there's a negative planet in it, then too you will not have normal delivery.

If the 7th bhaav is effected by Shani or Mars or by a negative Guru and that effect is not corrected in Navaansh, then it will effect the uterus or development of cysts.

If the 2nd bhaav is effected by Moon, then the child will have problems related to cold from birth, and the normal delivery won't be easy.

If the 2nd and 5th bhaav are negative, Moon mount is flat on the palm, there's a mole on Jupiter mount, there are too many horizontal lines on Jupiter, the Jupiter mount has swollen and moved to the left (towards Shani), the child may have many complications  - like the umbilical cord being stuck or not enough oxygen going to the baby.


For more information about what to do during pregnancy and other related questions you may have, check out the books on this subject by clicking on the links below:

Bala Veda: Pediatrics and Ayurveda

Yoga for Easier Pregnanacy and Natural Childbirth


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