August 03, 2014

There are many types of birthmarks that people have and they can be anywhere on the body. Some are in the form of spots (the skin in some area is either darker or lighter than the rest of the skin), while others are some deep moles which also have some hair growing out of them, a patch on the skin , a spot in the form of a special sign (lotus, flag, om...).

The most important thing to note is what kind of birthmark one has, its color, & the body part that has the mark.It can foretell the future or the past and possibly mistakes done in past lives which we may need to correct in this life.

Some birthmarks:

A mole that appears in the middle of the palm briefly shows the beginning of some new work. This mole can be red, white, gray or even black. The mole disappears when the event has happened.

However, some moles are present on the body right from birth. If the mole is small/not that dark, then it will probably go away after some event. However, if the mole is big and broad, then it shows something of significance.

A big and broad mole on the stomach shows potential problems with the stomach, which will go away only after a lot of efforts as the diseases have been brought by you from your past life. This will require a lot of dietary restrictions and penance through hardships in this life.

A big and broad mole on the thighs shows that you will not be able to do the kind of work that you had actually wanted to do. As soon as you start getting good at some work, you will probably ending up changing your line of work.

If there's a huge mole on the feet, then it shows that both the body and the mind will be imbalanced throughout life and you may have to go through physical and mental hardships. You need to consider them as penance of the negative karma you may have done in a past life.

A huge mole (massa in Hindi) on the left side of a woman's face, then it shows the woman is very cultural and has done a lot of good karma in past life, but despite that the woman wil have to go through a lot of struggles to achieve things. Such females also need to make sure that their goals are clear, otherwise, they may end up preparing for something, but may not be able to see it through. 

A huge mole on the left side of the man's face shows they will live a life without much struggles. However, only if such men care for the poor, look after animals and birds, respect water (not waste it or pollute it), does this come true. Doing so makes Mercury, Rahu, and Saturn phases of their lives very favorable.

A dark discoloaration on the skin right from birth shows some problem related to that area of the body. For instance, if the mark is anywhere on the neck or throat, then it shows one will get success only after going away from one's dear ones and will also have to bear responsiblity of the loved ones; if it's in the chest area, then it shows possiblity of getting some disease which will be self-inflicted - examples: bad eating habit, bad daily routine; if the mark is on the stomach, then it shows that the person will have at least 2 children but there will be a big age gap between the children.

A light discolored patch on the face shows potential problems in married life. It also shows that one will be dullish - lacking energy and will have to rely on someone else for motivation - a guru, friend, or whomever. Similar light discoloartion on the neck shows potential problems with hormones and bones. 

A light discolored patch on the chest shows success, but not before a lot of struggles until the age of 24. Similar patch on the stomach shows a possbile surgery - in females it can be related to uterus or colon; in males, it can show potential operation for the liver or colon.

Signs on the body: 

A snake shaped mark is a good sign.

A mark which has hair in it, shows a lot of struggles in life unless the person prays to his/her ishta and makes their mukhya graha (their main planet) positive.

A flower/lotus leaf type sign shows that the person will become god-like.

A flag-like sign on the face, hands, back, feet, palm or arms, then it shows that the person can become very big provided then don't astray from their path, as this sign also shows that the person may stray.

If a birthmark (any mole, spot, or patch) is on the outer part of the thighs, then it is considered very lucky. If in the inner part of the thigh, then it shows delay in marriage or begetting children, also they need to set targets for any work they want to complete otherwise they may not be able to achieve their goals.

If a child has the same mark as one of the parents, then it will have the same results for the child as it did for the father. For instance a birthmark on the chest of the father shows heart related problems, so the child also needs to be careful about similar problems if he/she also has the same mark on the chest.

Remedies for birthmarks that show some negative effects: one needs to pray to their ishta and do penance as much as they can . Both of these reduce the negative karma from the past lives and can turn the negative fate to positive. The earlier one does these remedies, the lesser the negativity in one's life.


Arden - 4 years ago 
What does it mean to have an ohm or Omega birth mark on right wrist?
Martha - 3 years ago 
What's the meaning of a thumb size & shape of a light tan birthmark on the side waist of a male mean?
Sangeeta - 2 years ago 
I have a birthmark of scorpion sign on my thigh from my birth. And my childhood friend has also same sign in her thigh. I want to know what is the meaning of this sign?
Reply By: Astro Vani - 2 years ago 
It sounds like you 2 shared a close bond in your past life too.
Komala - 1 year ago 
My son has large birth mark from buttocks to ankle, also on inner thigh area, am little worried on this. Can you please shed some lights on this
Naina - 5 months ago 
I have a cobra hood shaped birth mark on my left thigh behind. What does itmean
Djbsbh - 3 months ago 
I have a Christmas tree birthmark on my hip

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