Best Time to Study

September 13, 2013

The best time to study is usually not the time we like to study, but if we do study at those times then the study done at those times can prove very fruitful. The study and notes done at this time will prove very helpful and you will be able to learn more despite less effort. This time is from 4am to 7am. It is defnitely a difficult thing to do, but if you make it a routine, it will become easy.

Any student who is not able to remember easily, not able to concentrate, or has problem with mathematics needs to study at this hour. Get up at 4, take a shower, drink some lukewarm water with honey then do a bit of exercise before siting down to study. Benefits of study at this time are guaranteed. You can do this for 2 hours, then take a nap for an hour before getting ready for school. You will fee that you're able to easily comprehend things in your studies even in school.

In general, people who get up early morning, take some lukewarm water with honey and do a bit of exercise before sitting down to study finish their laziness, reduce their fat, and are able to get rid of bad gasses from the body.

After a student returns from school - after lunch, they should rest their body for 30 minutes by turning on the left side after lunch (not sleep), then wash their hands and feet and then revise the day's studies after 3pm - this time is not for difficult study. It is a time for revision.

Important note, especially for people whose Moon is weak, if you revise what you've studied immediately after you learnt it, you will be able to remember it easily and not forget things easily.

Students who do gayatri mantra and worship the Sun regularly will enjoy their studies instead of trying to come up with excuses to not study.

A student's best routine:

7 to 7:30 - best time for breakfast

12 to 12:30 - lunch

5 to 7pm - best time to play

7 to 8 - but close to 7 is best time for dinner, if not before sunset

Go for a walk after dinner or eat/drink anything which has Vitamin C 30 minutes after food. Don't drink anything within 30 minutes of eating food.

8 to 11pm - is the next best time to study or meditate. You should take your notes or study difficult subjects during this time and then go to bed.

Students whose Sun is weak and Shani is strong will become more active at night. Their activity level will increase after 9pm and at 1am will be at their peak activity level.

Students whose Sun is strong should always study early morning as they will not be able to function at night.

Students who make it a habit to study at night, they may feel they are able to concentrate despite it being late at night, however, this is a just a temporary feeling which will not last. This habit will weaken their brain in the long term.

Also, students need ample sleep - more than 6hours per night - for them to function optimally, so never sacrifice your sleep if you want to have a sharp brain.

The routine mentioned above needs to be regular and not left as a last resort (during the last month of exams for example, like how some students do) - there's not much benefits of this to students who aren't disciplined. So, turn this routine into a habit and reap the benefits.


Rahul - 4 years ago 

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