Benefits of the Color Yellow

November 12, 2013

The color yellow is the color of Jupiter - it is soothing, improves knowledge and mental sharpness, and gives a lot of happiness to the wearer. This color should surely be worn on Thursdays, Sundays, and Fridays to get its full benefits.

Children should generally wear the yellow color as it is beneficial for them.

If the child is not cheerful in nature and is very critical of others or starts arguing about things he may not want to do as requested by you, then the color yellow will be very helpful.

For students and anyone else who wants to improve their creativity:

- wearing this color will help your creativity and self-confidence;

- you can wear keep it with you in the form of a handkerchief,

- place it on your study/work table and write your name on it with maroon ink,

- wear it in some form.

- apply haldi tilak on your Vishuddhi (throat) chakra, forehead, and your tongue

There are times when you start disliking some colors and like some other kind of colors. The more mature a person becomes, the more logical and creative the person is. If the person starts disliking yellow, then it means that emotions have started taking over the person and logic and reasoning has gone down. For instance, people in love will generally stop wearing yellow as their emotions are overpowered by their logical and reasoning side. To make sure you get the full benefits of the color yellow, then start wearing a yellow thread on your wrist or wear a gold bracelet if you can afford it.

This color also helps to improve communication skills and concentration. So, make sure you have this color in front of you or on you in some form.


Hrudaya - 4 years ago 
how much leanth of the yellow thread shoud we wear on the right hand wirist Please guide me and at what day and time shoud we wear it.
Reply By: Astro Vani - 4 years ago 
Thursday. It can be any length so it comfortably covers your wrist.
Shweta - 3 years ago 
On which hand we should wear yellow thread ?
Reply By: - 3 years ago 
U should buy the yellow thread and go to temple and tell the priest about it and for concentration if u r righty tie it on right hand and if u r lwft tie on left hand .
Sowmya - 3 years ago 
Can we tie the thread simply like that or should we give it for jaap first at any temple?

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