Benefits of Onions

September 19, 2014

There are many astrological as well as Ayurvedic benefits of onion. There are 3 types of onions: red, white, and green.

Astrological Remedies:

If you notice some "totka"/black magic done to your home, where an object has been placed in your home, then press the red onion and drip the juice on the totka to remove its ill effects.

People who are afraid while sleeping should keep some onion next to their pillows to remove fear.

People who get nightmares or just some negative dreams in general, should inhale the smell of an onion and then pray to one's isht before sleeping.

If one feels that one's had an effect of "evil eye" or "nazar" in Hindi, then one can wear an onion bulb in a black cloth around one's neck. It will also stop any future cases of evil eye.

Ayurvedic Remedies:

Eating raw onion gets rid of constipation.

People who have problems with the throat in the form of cold, cough, or some irritation in the throat, then taking one spoon of onion juice with a bit of honey will prove very beneficial. This can initially be done twice a day and then just once a day will suffice.

If anyone has diabetics in the family or if there has been a family history of diabetes, then eating onion everyday will work towards preventing diabetes in other family members.

Eating raw onions will keep blood pressure under control as it contains methyl sulfide and amino acids.

Eating green onions helps lower cholesterol and improve digestion as it has chromium. Additionally, anything that has chromium in it will help reduce fear if one wears it or keeps it near him.

As onion has a lot of sulfur, it make the stomach, colon, breast, lungs stronger. It can even help prevent prostate cancer.

Eating onions can help in UTI issues too. A good way to benefit from onion is to boil a peeled onion in about 350ml of water. Once the water reduces to about 250 ml, then one can sip that slowly. It will help in urine related problems. However, this is not to be done instead of medicine - just as a supplement to the doctor's advice.

Eating green onions improves eyesight and can even make the brain stronger. As green onion has anti-inflammatory properties and has anti-histamines, it is very useful in inflammatory diseases and in asthma.

If a child regularly faints or feels weakness in the brain, then the child should be made to inhale the smell of crushed onions.

If one's heels are cracked, then applying a mix of mustard oil and onion paste will greatly improve the heels.

Take 3-4 spoons of onion juice and add pure cow's ghee to it, drinking it twice a day will immensely increase one's strength - especially in men. One can start taking this once a day if there's not too much weakness.

Taking a spoon of white onion juice with a spoon of ginger juice will improve one's breathing, throat, and also increase one's strength. Doing this either in the morning or at night will be helpful.

Additional Information:

  • Onion increases one's sex drive, which is why it is prohibited/discouraged for people who are on a spiritual path. This is especially true for white onions.
  • Never take milk with onion. Keep at least half an hour's gap before taking them.


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