Be careful when wearing pukhraj / yellow sapphire

October 16, 2013

Pukhraj or yellow sapphire is worn to make Jupiter stronger and to get rid of the problems caused by a weak Jupiter.

If your Jupiter is weak, it makes you less knowledgable and makes you weaker in social and married life, gives you skin problems and makes your liver weaker.

As always, make sure you have your birth-chart analysed properly before wearing it.

Pukhraj makes one gentle and helps students learn better. It makes one more sincere and it also makes one's mind calm as it makes the mind stronger.

How to wear Pukhraj?

Place the stone in raw (unboiled) milk on a Wednesday and wear it on a Thursday after washing it properly. It should be worn within an hour after sunrise in the index finger.

After wearing it, you will notice an increase in knowledge, your weight will get balanced, your anxiety should also reduce, and your relationships should also improve. If you have an immature personality, then that will also improve.


Ritu - 5 years ago 
If Jupiter in ascendant can wear pukhraj
Reply By: - 5 years ago 
will it improve mu husband's luck too
Seema - 5 years ago 
I am having a little it related to wearing a yellow pukhraj?
Kishor - 4 years ago 
when I am wearing pokhraj ring in index finger , irritation is coming. I am Sagittarius lagn can I wear coral ring in left hand middle finger

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