Are Your Child's Friends Worthy of Friendship?

November 16, 2013

Friends are very important for children. They get emotional help from them and they also depend on them for emotional support. So when the children have good friends, they develop their emotions well and when they don't have good friends, then it's been seen that children go into depression.

Many times, some children don't have good friends or who go through a lot of problems due to their friends.

If the following signs are present on the palm, then it can be deduced that the child will not be able to find good friends:

- on the Mercury finger - if there are too many lines on the lower most phalange and a few lines from the Mercury mount start to cut across to the lines on the phalange - such a child gets friends who are weak or who are very negative. These friends can scare, disrespect, or emotionally blackmail the child. Such a sign shows that the friends are interested only in financial gains from the friendship.

- on the Jupiter finger - on the bottom most phalange if there are too many lines on the lower most phalange of the Juptier finger then such a child gets friends on whom he depends on for happiness, studies, and emotional well-being. This friend ultimately deceives the child, which makes the child go into depression that makes the child emotionally disturbed and unable to pick up in life.

- if both of the above signs are on the palm, the children lose out on their studies and are unable to get back on their life's goals.

Who doesn't get good friends?
  • Children whose Mars or Mercury are weak
  • If in the birthchart Shani and Rahu effect the 2nd, 4th, or the 5th house
  • The mukhya graha/main planet, if negative, can never have the child have friends who are of the same level as him
Remedies and Parenting:
  • Teach kids to do chants of  "om raan rahavay namaha"; chanting this gets rid of the bad company due to Rahu-dosh - if the child has friends who are below the child's level, if the child's studies are getting disturbed due to the friends, the child's ambitions are getting distrubed, then doing this mantra will help a great deal
  • If your child's has some of the signs on the palm as mentioned above, then teach the child to never get too personal with any friend. To help the child get out of a relationship where the friends may deceive him, then put some papaya seeds in a block cloth and have the child wear them around his neck.
  • If the child has no siblings, then encourage the child to make friends and share his thoughts. Take the child to some gatherings and events which will get rid of his loneliness. As his friends to come over to your home sometimes. 
  • If a child is too lonely - possibly due to having no siblings, then give the child his goals and encourage him to achieve it, this will make the child's personality strong and an emotional vacuum will not exist.
  • Take 3 gomti chakras and have a pendant made for each chakra - one in brass or gold, one in silver, and one in copper. Have the child wear these pendants in a black or white thread around then neck. This is good for the health and the emotional well being of the child.


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