Anger Issues in Daughters - tips for parents

November 19, 2013
What Causes Anger in Girls?

If your daughter's Rahu is very strong or if Moon & Rahu or Moon & Mars are together or if the main planet is influenced by Rahu and Mars.

If the main planet is vakri, then too it causes a lot of anger in girls due to them being egoistic. 

Remedies and Causes of Anger in Girls:
  • If the anger and irritation is increasing too much, notice if her weight is increasing or decreasing too much in which case the anger could be caused by an hormonal disbalance. This is due to the imbalance between Moon and Venus. Take medical advice for this.
  • Take note if the girl may be feeling lonely. Is she getting enough support from her father or her borther - or does she feel they're not supporting her? Or does she have any emotional issues? These can all be causes of her anger.
  • If your daughter has too many friends who ask her to waste her time on frivolous things, then she may be getting angry under influence of those friends when you don't allow her to do those things. Counsel her on why you don't allow her to do things that she may want to do.
  • If you used to pamper her a lot and have now turned disciplined, it could be a reason for her anger. Counsel her and spend time with her to explain your change in stance and when she can have her space.
  • Girls are generally very emotional, so one should not shout and try to force them to understand things while shouting angrily.

If the main planet is vakri, is not positive, is affected by Rahu, or Rahu dominates the kundali, then such people don't take advices. Such people also lose a lot and such girls have problems in their married life too as they don't take advices. Remedies for girls who have too much anger due to these:

  • Such girls should wear either a piece of white sandalwood/chandan piece in a blue thread or a white chandan pendant set in silver around their neck on a Monday or a Saturday.
  • They should also take ashwagandh and mishri from time to time.
  • Girls who have constipation should soak some triphala in water at night and drink the water after straining it in the morning.
  • It's also suggested that they wear a silver ring in their thumb to make them calm and reduce their irritability.

Girls who are lonely need to be well understood by their parents. They should not be given instructions all the time. The parents should spend time with them and should never show any weakness around them. These girls should wear a silver chain around their neck on a Monday. This should be worn as long as possible - for instance, it may not be possible to wear it during school hours.


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