Allergies and Asthma

September 14, 2013

It's very important that you take medical advice if you have respiratory problems. This article sheds some light on some of the astrological reasons for allergies.

In astrology, parenting starts a year before a baby is conceived. Until a mother and father are completely happy and especially if the mother is not stress free, healthy, or happy, then the child may definitely get effected.

If the mother's Moon is very weak, or if the Moon is effected by a bad planet, or if the Moon is not influenced by some positive planet, then it may cause asthma in the child due to the mother being anxious or stressed.

If the Jupiter finger has any moles - black or red, or there are dark circles on the amount of Jupiter, then you need to be very careful and take dietary precautions to avoid asthma. Or if you have any dark spots on the Saturn mount, or in the area of Mars near the life line are too many lines, or if the thumb has any dark spots, or if the Saturn mount is pressed downwards, or if the Saturn finger is weaker than the others, then too you may have some respiratory disorder. Alternatively, if you feel that you/someone you know is not able to breathe properly after walking a bit, then you need to increase your intake of vitamins and antioxidants.

Children with asthma or allergie should definitely start sitting in meditation and learn meditation.

If the child has stomach problems which are non-existent in the parents, then you need to ask the child if there's just physical problem. If there's no physical problem, then make sure the child is not fearful or hesistant for no reason, which are the other reasons that cause breathing problems.

Children whose main planet is Moon or Venus should never eat cold things at night. They may not be negatively influenced by this habit in the beginning, but it will have effects after a long time. Such kids should also not eat yoghurt at night.

People who have too much phlegm in the body or have asthma, should not eat fruits after sunset or eat salad immediately after food.

Kids with asthma or allergies should wear copper in the right hand, drink water from a copper vessel in which the water has been kept overnight, wear a red thread in the right hand, use silver as less as possible and do pranayam along with making sure that they do not get stressed in any situation.


Minakshi - 3 years ago 
What are the causes and remedies of Milk Allergy in babies?

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