The Sun Finger

August 20, 2013

The Sun finger shows:

- repute

- sharpness of your brain

- whether your wealth will stay with you

- how influential you will be

- your father's relationship with you and his health

- acidity in the body

- if you don't have a good fate line - then the Sun line compensates for the fate too.

- it shows someone who is good in public dealing or liasion.

If the Sun finger has a "chakra" on the tip - then despite any problems the person will overcome them. The person may be an artist. The person will have good education and will be very intelligent.

If you have 4 full phalanges - all phalanges are the same in length, then such a person will become a great person and will be very known in the world. If the phalange is broken, then it shows that the person has talents, but due to bad circumstances the person was unable to show his talents or the person did not do the efforts with which the talents could allow him/her to shine.

If the top phalange is big and there is no mole on it, then it shows that you have a good mind which is capable of thinking big and original thoughts.

However, if the bottom most phalange is big and plump, then it shows that you keep thinking big thoughts but don't end up working on them.

If the top phalange is big, goes a bit forward, and is slightly conical, and (even if small) a line of Apollo is there, then it shows that you will complete higher education in your chosen field

If the top phalange is short, the lowest one is too big, the mount has a net of lines, then it shows that you may have to face problems in getting higher eductaion or it may get delayed.


  • If you have a loop on the tip of the finger, a mole anywhere on the finger, or a flat mount of the Sun, then sit in the Earth mudra (Sun finger's tip touching the Thumb's tip), pray to your isht for about 10 minutes in front of the Sun. This will make your Sun stronger and your personality will start improving as well as your concentration.
  • If your Sun finger is bent towards the Shani finger or is bent outward or inward in the palm then wear a 8-metal (asht-dhatu) ring in your right hand.
  • Sit in front of the Sun in Earth mudra and start chanting "om ghrini suryaya namaha" mentally - with this you can achieve a lot of repute on the basis of your hard work; you can also get promoted in a government job from doing this.
  • If Sun is bad, then you will either have a flatten mount of Sun, the lines on the mount will be broken, or there will be some kind of mole or spot on the Sun finger. If this is true for you, offer water to the Sun regularly and do "kati" bath - which means immerse your lower half of the body (until your belly button) in water on Puranmaasi. Chant the Sun mantra and do some meditation while doing this bath.


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