Remedies for a happy future in married life

August 21, 2013

Nowadays, parents (especialy Indian parents) start worrying about the marriage of their children as soon as they turn 20. We provide below some remedies that can be done by youngsters to make sure their married life doesn't have many problems.

All of these remedies should be started from 22 years of age.

Remedies for females - get rid of vaani dosh (the problems caused by not speaking/communicating properly):

a. Use jatamaasi - put it on the tongue and start chanting "Om saraswatey namaha" - you will see the difference in 6 months in your speech and voice

b. Drink "chhach" (buttermilk) 3 days in a week if it suits you.

c. Charge a cowry shell by doing 1008 mantra chants of Saraswati Maa and then wear it in a silver pendant around the neck, then it also gets rid of vaani dosh.

The Sun is very important for boys, so improving the Sun in boys is very important.

For this, the remedies are:

a. Do Sun worship everyday.

b. Offer red flower, roli, rice, and some sugar mixed in some water to the Sun

Remedies for boys and girls:

If your forehead is very broad, take a bit of "surma" and bury it on Tuesday in some lonley spot. Keep doing this until you are 36 years of age to avoid problems.

In your marriage, do the appropriate things at the right moments as per the priest.

On the day of your marriage, donate: 7 types of grains, red cloth, coconut, and food for 8 girl children in 2 separate bags (one for bride and the other for the groom).

On your marriage anniversary, help the handicapped as much as you can. Make sure you donate a coconut, 7 types of grains and one religious book - the rest can be cooked food and some clothes - whatever you can.

Remedies for boys and girls whose marriage date has been set/who are engaged:

Plant a peepal tree at such a place where it can grow - make sure you water it for the first 11 days after planting it.

People who are about to get married, should light a candle on the South-east wall of the home - morning and evening.


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