Reasons and Remedies for Hairfall

August 22, 2013

Does your hair keep falling a lot? Apart from genetics, the reason could be one of the following: 

People who have too much acidity (Pitta problems) experience a lot of hairfall.


  • stand in the Sun for at least 10 minutes in a way that the Sun's rays also fall on your stomach;
  • do gayatri mantra while standing; drink mulethi tea or chew on mulethi a few times a day;
  •  if you can drink milk - sip on some cold milk an hour or so after having your meal;
  • have an apple without peel an hour after your meal;
  • keep doing remedies for Mars;
  • start wearing copper;
  • keep some red ratti under your pillow
Shani & Jupiter

cause a lot of heat in the body and cause hairfall; so people who get angry quickly should massage their head with yoghurt before sleeping - this will make them calm  - this is not for people who have Kapha issues - it's only for the ones who have Pitta issues

Too much Kapha (mucus in the body)

if this is the cause of your hairfall, then:

  • massage your head with coconut oil;
  • wear anantmool tree's root in a red thread around your neck
For people who sweat a lot,

start washing your hair a few times in the day - just with plain water is fine, this is make sure there is no residue of sweat in the hair. Make sure you apply coconut oil. The more dry your skin, the more hairfall you'll have.


is another reason for hairfall. Start applying coconut oil to your head to avoid dandruff creation. Feed wheat flour to ants everyday.

General dietary recommendations to prevent hairfall:

  • stop eating bitter and very spicy food;
  • stop eating very salty or very sweet products;
  • refrain from anger;
  • wear a red thread in your right hand's wrist;
  • start drinking from a copper vessel.


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