Child's walk and the related problems

August 22, 2013

One's style of walking shows the level of energy in the body and mind. If you notice one of the following walking styles in your children, tell them to walk properly every time you notice them walking wrongly and do a few remedies mentioned below.

If a child leans forward while walking, don't let it go, ask the child to start walking the right way. If the shoulder is bent forward and the neck is pointed upward, it shows lowered energy level.

If the walk is not lively, this also shows lowered energy levels.  Start feeding nutritious food to the child including honey with milk (honey with water for fat kids). Give them vitamin C and iron rich foods.

Also see if the chilld is walking by sucking the stomach in. If this is the case, it shows emotional stress in the child. For remedy, ask the mother to buy and have the child wear a silver chain around the neck as well as wear a silver ring in the right hand's thumb. Along with this, try to talk to the child and help him share his feelings with you. You may also give ashwagand tree's wood (small wooden piece) for the child to suck on - it's a little bitter but will prove helpful as a remedy for the stomach.

Some kids walk while banging their feet on the ground, which is a very bad habit. If the walk is straight along with the habit of banging the feet, it shows a tendency to gain weight and potential problems with the back and  mood swings. In girls, this sort of walk can also cause the uterus to become weak. Feed the child nutritious food and tell them to control their anger.

If the child is slim and walks while banging his feet, make sure the chld doesn't have headaches or too much phlegm as these can develop into bigger problems in the future. Give dalchini, combined with honey to such kids twice daily. It will improve their energy levels. Give them lemonade in the summers.

Take medical advice as soon as possible if there are any problems as sickness in young age can cause problems that later or present themselves as bigger illnesses in mid and old age.


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