5 Habits You Should Discard Immediately

August 30, 2013

Many people think that only "karm" or work is everything. Or that one should just do work and not believe in anything else. Such people are usually frustrated in life.

The truth is that just one thing in life can not be everything. It is only the people who live a balanced life are successful as they are able to stay close to reality and realize the truth. People who live in extremes tend to forget the realities and truths of life, this makes them frustrated.

Life on this earth can not be without any hurdles. As soon as you win a battle, there's another battle just waiting around the corner. According to astrology, one should always prepare oneself for the next big challenge that life may bring.

There are a few habits that you can be aware of and remove from your life to help you get over such hurdles. These are as follows:

1. Leaving food in the plate - if you habitually leave food in your plate, it shows that your married life will be full of troubles and there may even be bad effects on your reputation or you may have to work hard on improving your reputation. So never waste food. This is also applicable to the person who is giving the food, never force food on to someone who says they don't want it or can't eat anymore.

2. Some people take keys/keychains in their hands and keep playing with them - this makes the person destructive; in a child, it makes the child break things; in adults, the person may keep breaking relationships; also this habit brings about bad luck in general; you will start losing trust in people.

3. Some people like to spread out their things around their home or workplace - for instance spreading out files all over the office, spreading out clothes all over the home, not making your bed after waking up, or children may spread out their books all over the place. This habit leads to the person having to go through a lot of struggles in their studies.

4. Never wear unshiny, dirty, worn out, or torn shoes - it brings about lots of problems, struggles, and even poverty.

5. Never wear clothes that have any holes in them - sometimes the holes can originate due to some moths eating them - you should either discard such clothes or sew them before wearing; this is especially important for the clothes you wear under other clothes or socks you wear in shoes; if your clothes keep getting holes, then do some remedies for Rahu and Shani


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